How to Deal with Rude Telephone Calls

Dealing with rude telephones callers is fairly easy. There are a number of ways, depending on the nature of the call, to deal with them. How you handle a telemarketer and how you handle an annoying personal call is a bit different but both types of calls really can be handled swiftly and without stooping to their level.


Who knows why someone takes this job? When you take a job as a telemarketer you have to know you’ll be the thorn in everyone’s side. The best thing to do with one of these unwanted sales calls is to just say no, thanks and hang up. Even the ones who can spew off a ten minute pitch in ten seconds can be stopped. Just say no, thanks and put the phone down. Remember, they called you and you didn’t ask them to. You don’t have to be overly friendly. Saying no, thanks is actually quite polite. I’m sure they’ve heard far worse.

Of course, we’ve all heard of the semi-funny things that people say to telemarketers but the fact of the matter is you don’t want to stoop to these levels. You don’t want to say rude things to an anonymous voice on the other end of the phone because in fact, even though the world hates telemarketers, they are people, too.

Personal Callers-

Everyone has that friend who calls at the most inopportune time. Caller ID was invented for a reason. If you don’t have it, get it now. The easiest way to deal with this is let the answering machine get it. Of course, if this is a real friend, eventually you’ll want to talk but it’s not a bad thing to say to someone, “Please do not call me at five. Our family eats dinner then and we don’t take calls.” That’s being honest and proactive.

We all have the person who is hard to get off the phone once you start talking to them. And no amount of hints will get through. A trick I learned from a friend many years ago is to ring your own doorbell. “Whoops. Someone’s at the door! I’ll call you back tomorrow!” It truly works!

Early and later callers are very rude whether the caller realizes this or not. You’ve just got to be straight with them. Please do not call me before ten in the morning on weekends unless it’s an emergency. It really is that simple. Just tell them in a kind but firm tone. And if they do call you too early or too late, think nothing of saying, “I can’t talk right now. I’m sleeping.” and hang up.

That is really the way to deal with people who are behaving rudely. Tell them, “I’m hanging up now.” No one can ever say that’s bad manners on your part. At times, the only way to deal with someone who is rude is to just shut them off. And when it’s rude behavior on the telephone, it’s easy.