How to Deal with Family Members who are Negative toward you

There is nothing like a loving family. However, family members who will not mean you any good or may not even give a care in the world about you and their attitude towards you can be very negative. This in return will leave you feeling worthless. Dealing with family who are negative toward you is not an easy task, but it is doable if you first put your priorities in order, and the first thing on that list should be to care for yourself and don’t worry about how others treat you, your self esteem will thank You.

Stay away from anyone who is negative or doesn’t mean you any good. Surround yourself with positive people you know that know you are worthy to be treated with respect. Be your own advocate when family says or does anything that will hurt your feelings or abuse you in anyway. Never fall into that victim role, no matter what you feel.

Speak up for yourself and let your family know that you will not tolerate anyone treating you in such bad manner. If you know that every time you go over to your aunt Belinda’s house and she says things that puts you down or she tries harming you in anyway it’s time to realize that this is not where you need to be and not go around your aunt anymore.

This world is full of people, some good and some bad. It takes someone who love themselves to seek out people who will show them love and respect. Sometimes you have to deal with the hand you are dealt with in families and realize these are the people you are born to, but you don’t have to let them treat you negatively. “Demand that they respect you and if they refuse you can show them the door.”

No one wants to ban family members from their lives, unfortunately in some families you have to in order to be happy in life. If you feel the need to persuade your family members to visit a family therapist so that you all can receive some help, do so. If you have to swear off these people it could be very beneficial to you to do especially if they don’t want to change there ways towards you.

Avoid anyone who doesn’t respect you, even if you feel as though you’re hurting there feelings. Your life is valuable and no one ought to think any less.