How to Combine Shoe Color with Trouser Color

Matching a shoe color with the color of trousers used to be a priority, but nowadays people seem to have outgrown that trend.  Whether this is due to the poor state of the economy or a changing sense of fashion, matching colors seem no longer necessary.

Still there are a few basic rules to consider.

White trousers should preferably be worn with white shoes.  If a woman wears white trousers with a colored top, it is acceptable to match the shoes to the top, but a man should stick to white shoes under white trousers.

Brown trousers demand brown or cream shoes.  Never try to wear black or white shoes under brown trousers.  Brown and black cannot be combined.

Cream trousers ask for cream or brown shoes.  In some instances white shoes can be worn with cream trousers, but only in combination with a white top or jacket.

Black trousers can be worn with any color of shoes except brown.  If a woman wears a colored top, it is perfectly acceptable to match her shoes to her top.  Men best stick to black shoes under black trousers.

In the event that a woman wears black trousers, a white top and a colored belt, matching her shoes to her belt will look chic.  The same applies with navy blue trousers.  The ideal shoes would be navy blue, but with a white top or worn with a colored belt, white shoes or shoes matched to the belt will look just as nice.

Alternatively shoes can be matched to the jacket.  If a woman wears black trousers with a colored jacket, matching shoes can either be black or the same color as the jacket.

The material of the trousers should also be kept in mind.  One cannot wear black boots under silk trousers.  On the other hand, wearing sandals under woolen trousers is not the best combination either.  Silk trousers ask for sandals, while woolen trousers ask for shoes or boots.

Where trousers have a pattern, one should be very careful.  It is best to wear plain shoes or sandals with anything patterned. 

Fact is, even though not every outfit needs matching shoes, men and women need different kinds of shoes.  Shoes that look good with relaxed wear may not be suitable for a stylish outfit.  On the other hand, stylish shoes fit for a party, may not be suitable for work or an interview. 

Regardless of the color, one has to keep the style in mind with which outfit the shoe will be worn.