How to Choose Mens Shoes

Choosing shoes for men isn’t nearly the life changing experience it is for women. But generally, men do still care about what goes on their feet. Rather than fuss over how high the heel is and if the color complements his eyes, he’s more concerned with comfort, how much it costs, and how well they’ll withstand what he plans on putting them through.

1) Comfort. Men want a shoe that will ease their pain during long days of work and play. Not only should be inside of the shoe be yielding, but the outside should be comfortable enough to his feet so that he has room to breathe. Guys complain about getting dressed up for weddings because they dread putting on those stiff, uncomfortable black dress shoes every man has to wear. Look for shoes made of flexible materials that will give the wiggle room you need.

2) The cost. My boyfriend buys shoes based on the price: he picks the price he’s willing to pay, and then eliminates the choices from there. Not the best tactic, I know. But, he’s not the only one that practices this while shopping. He hardly strays from the styles and shades he knows, and that limits his options drastically. Shoes are overpriced; we can all agree on that. But generally speaking, you’re paying for the longevity of the shoes themselves, and that’s a price worth paying. Who constantly wants to go through that fruitless shoe shopping experience?

3) Bang for your buck. There are a few different categories for men’s shoes: work, dress, casual, and play. Men’s work shoes are seriously heavy duty; just looking at them is intimidating. They have heavy soles, a ton of lacing, and intense bindings. But, if you purchase the right pair, they serve their purpose well. These are typically the most expensive shoes men buy and they’re worth the money. Dress shoes are fairly bland; you’ll find black and brown. And to be perfectly honest, that’s all you need! Either color is bound to match any formal wear you’re subjected to. Just make sure you upkeep these shoes; keep them shiny and clean, and they’ll last you a lifetime. Casual shoes and shoes meant for play can be sandals, sneakers, loafers or any other comfortable pair you come across. Any of them will go with any pants or shorts you own, so just make sure you don’t pick any crazy colors. Even though matching might not be on the top of your list, just use your judgment on this one.

After you’ve finished the hunt, just keep in mind a few cardinal rules: use your socks to complement your outfit, try to match your belt to your shoes, and carry yourself with confidence in your new footwear.