How to Buy Lingerie

Let’s be honest: as a woman, you either love shopping for lingerie, or you hate it. If you hate it, maybe that stems from body issues, or self esteem issues or the fact that lingerie is just plain expensive. If you love it, well, you know why you love it. It makes you feel good. And chances are, you really enjoy wearing whatever lingerie you choose.

So, what is the best way to approach shopping for lingerie? A few points to ponder.

First, go when you are feeling good about yourself. If you go lingerie shopping on a PMS day, a fat day, or even a bad hair day, you know as well as I do that nothing is going to make you happy.

Second, go alone, or if you hate shopping alone, only take one close, trusted friend with you. Do not take a committee to vote on your choices. Do not take your husband or your boyfriend because you know that, at least when it comes to lingerie, they have their best interest at heart, not yours.

Third, know what you are shopping for before you walk in the door. If you are looking for a bra, know what style you need. If you need a demi bra, don’t waste time trying on full coverage or racer backs. If you don’t go in for all that heavy padding that proudly proclaims to add a cup size or two, don’t expend precious energy trying them on.

If you need underwear, determine specifically what your needs and priorities are. Comfort? No visible panty lines? Low cut? Sexy or practical?

The same goes for sleepwear. Are you looking for something special for a special night? Something warm for cold weather? Do you like short, long or somewhere in between? Sleeveless or long sleeves? Lace? Cotton?

Fourth, take the time to try on bras and sleepwear. Different stores, different makers and even different styles in the same size are very likely to fit differently. Since no two of us is shaped exactly the same, do not under any circumstances take the size printed on the tag as gospel.

Beyond simply trying on for size, try on for comfort. If there is any pinching, binding, gapping, itching, scratching or any other unpleasant feeling associated with any garment you try on put it back. You know you will end up not wearing it, no matter how great it looks on you, how great you look in it or how much you paid for it.

Shopping for lingerie should be fun. And it will be. Just approach it with the right frame of mind and cut yourself some slack. You may find it’s so much fun you’ll soon have a wonderful collection of new lingerie.