How to be a Good Husband

No magic formula is going to make you into a good husband. It can only help you not to become a bad one. This is a good starting point, but to be a good husband takes more than simply avoiding bad traits.

A good husband is not the same as a perfect husband. Perfect husbands are few and far between, and they are often accompanied by easily pleased wives.

This raises an interesting idea – it is difficult (though not impossible) to be a good husband on your own. It takes two to tango, and a husband is only one half of the yin and yang of a successful marriage (please note, I’m not using that particular analogy to suggest that one half is good and the other evil! The simple point is that you are two sides of the same circle). A good husband is one who is neither less nor more than half of the circle. He completes his part in the balance.

A good husband is a man of honour. This word is rapidly going out of fashion and its application even more so, but a good husband should stand up for and protect his wife, and conduct himself with dignity, aware that he represents not only himself but his wife as well.

A good husband is his wife’s best mate. Where’s the reason for a woman in cohabiting, sharing a bed, a house, a family, with someone you hardly know, respect from afar but have no intimacy with, who doesn’t make you laugh, send shivers down your spine when he looks at you, who doesn’t seem to enjoy your company.

A good husband is interested in ‘our’ life, not his life. He shares his own feelings and failures as well as his successes, and is actively involved and interested in his partners ups and downs. He will seek resolution over one-up-manship, and understand his wife’s weaknesses and strengths.

A good husband strives to be a good father, a good provider (or worker in whatever way he contributes to the working relationship), a willing ear, a patience and forgiving soul, a tower of strength and…

a good husband gets it wrong sometimes. Phew, thats a relief. I thought I had no chance of living up to this ideal. As I said earlier, the good husband is not perfect. He is a man who knows how he should be and strives again and again and again to achieve it. Never give up because your wife, that wonderful and gorgeous woman that you married, deserves more than you can ever give her.