How to Attract Women

All men wish they could attract any woman they so desired, and some men seem to come close, leaving those guys that can’t attract anybody feeling rather pathetic. It doesn’t have to be that way though because there are things regular guys can do even if they don’t have the look they think women want in a man.

The first step is to take a look around you at all the women out there; everywhere you go, there they are; but unfortunately, none of them seem to be noticing you. Why is that? Are you ugly? Too dorky? Just too plain? None of those reasons wash, because no matter how ugly, or dorky or weird you are, there is some guy out there uglier, dorkier, or weirder than you are who is able to attract women. How come he can do it and you can’t?

Well, in some cases it’s because he’s a rich and famous rock star, or movie star, or a sport’s star; and apparently for a lot of women, that’s all it takes. But that should tell you something. Some women can be attracted to a really ugly guy if he’s rich and/or famous; or some toad that you wouldn’t think anyone would want to touch, must less bed. All because they have something else that women find attractive.

See, women are not like men. You don’t see too many ugly rock star women with tons of guys hanging around. Men have this line, you’re either good looking enough, or you’re not. And that’s it. Women on the other hand can overlook your buck teeth and crooked nose and even your bad breath and bald head, if you have something else they find attractive.

Thus, you need to find something else about you that some women would find attractive enough to overlook your other shortcomings.

One of those things is confidence; you hear that all the time. But it’s not just being confident in yourself, it’s got to be a confidence in yourself that you can attract women and hold on to them. Unfortunately, the only way to get that kind of confidence, is to have a lot of success in getting girls and keeping at least some of them.

This is where you stop and take a moment to consider the way things are in the real world and try to be reasonable with yourself. You have to make yourself realize that starting out trying to attract all sorts of women is reaching a little bit. You need to lower your initial goals; like maybe if you could get so you could attract a few girls here and there, or maybe to start, like just one.

To do that, stop acting like you don’t believe anyone could find anything desirable about you. Pretend if you have to that you’re rich and famous, and have lots of cool stuff and that any woman would have to be an idiot to not be attracted to you. In short, start acting like you would if you were a rock star, or had a million dollars in the bank. Get rid of that desperation look, and the ridiculous clothes. Get a better haircut and when you look at women, look at them like you you’re worthy of their attention; not with arrogance or an egotistical attitude, just a look that says you’re not afraid of them or their wily feminine ways, and then go on over and talk to one of them, or two or three; as if it were the most natural thing in the world. If they shoot you down, analyze what you were doing and adjust something, then try again. If you keep at it, eventually you’ll start hitting the right notes and women will take notice, and soon thereafter, you’ll start to attract some female admirers.