How Snow can Bring a Family together

As a child, I loved waking up to a blanket of white, then running to sit in front of the television to watch for school cancellations.  A few decades later, I still enjoy an occasional day at home because of icy roads and blowing snow.  Though some find such days to be inconvenient, snow days offer the family additional time to be together

Board games

When the snowy and  frigid weather prevents outdoor activities, grab a board game out of the closet, gather around the table, and enjoy a time of friendly competition and conversation.  It’s always fun to observe the strategies employed by the kids in their efforts to beat their siblings and parents.  Laughter fills the house, a definite plus on a wintry day.

Family share time

When the weather’s cold, cuddling up with loved ones not only warms the body but the heart as well.  Gather the whole family on the couch and read stories or make up your own yarns.  A snow day also affords the family time to reminisce about favorite family outings or a most memorable Thanksgiving or Christmas family get-together.  If your home has a fireplace, use the crackling fire as the backdrop to share such cherished memories.

Cookies and cocoa

Spend a portion of the day together in the kitchen making favorite cookies and sipping on hot chocolate.  Make several dozen cookies and trudge through the neighborhood, hand delivering baked goods to all of your neighbors.  Make this a yearly tradition when the snow interrupts normal school and occupational travel.  This will certainly put a smile on the faces of the beneficiaries of such a thoughtful gift.

Enjoy the snow together

Though the weather may prevent safe commutes, it still offers the family a chance to recreate in the outdoors.  Before venturing into the outdoors tell the Frosty the Snowman story or watch the video, then go out and create your own wintry friend.  Find old hats and scarfs to dress up your snowman, then take family portraits.  Send the pictures to family and friends via email or Facebook updates so that all can enjoy your frozen friend.

Of course, almost everyone enjoys a good snowball fight.  Divvy up the teams, make forts and then launch packed snow at each other.  Smacking someone in the face is always good for a laugh.  Record a portion of the battle and upload to Youtube or Facebook.  Let the world enjoy your family fun. 

After play, put a snow shovel into every able bodied hand and scrape off the walk and driveway.  Working together as a family makes such a tedious chore more fun and expedites the process.

A dreary snow day encourages family time.  With a little forethought, being snowed in sets the stage for another day of memory making.