Holiday Traditions for Small Families

While I’m sure many of us long for the type of Holiday season as depicted in the works of Norman Rockwell and the like, the fact is, today’s family unit, in most cases, just does not support the desire.

In today’s North America, the family unit has decreased in size, and even many of the larger families have seen themselves become fractioned off.  Sons and daughters are leaving home, leaving country, and raising their own families later and normally away from their own extended families.  This can make establishing Holiday and Christmas traditions a little more challenging. 

Below are a few ideas that might make establishing your own Holiday traditions a little easier:

1.  For those with family members who are living away from home, the traditional Christmas Eve call is a must.  The fun thing is these days, many homes now carry the technology to video chat with their loved ones.  For some reason, during the Christmas and Holiday seasons, even adults delight in the wonders and magic of the world.  Connecting with loved ones via video is a fantastic way to embrace that magic, and build a new tradition for a new age.

2. Christmas Eve PJ Exchange.  For those smaller families, exchanging a new set of pajamas just before bed on Christmas Eve can really set the tone for the excitement to come.  Imagine the giggles of your children when they see Dad dressed up in his “Guitar Hero” PJ’s.

3.  Making Santa’s Cookies:  It’s tempting with the rush and bustle of the season to go with prebaked goodies.  But this simple activity doesn’t take long at all, and is a great way to begin a new tradition with your loved ones.  Themed cookies are also loads of fun to decorate, and with cups of hot chocolate by your side, can be a great way to make wonderful Holiday memories with your family.

4. Save the Turkey for supper! A hearty breakfast on the special day can be a fantastic way to bond with your loved ones.  Once the presents are opened and the tummy starts to growl, making an easy breakfast with the kids can be both fun and simple.  There’s not too many children who can’t stir scrambled eggs or pop bread in the toaster, and they love to be able to help Mom and Dad.

5. Giving to those in need: Whether it be a donation of money or time, helping those less fortunate is something that makes everyone feel good.  Donate to a toy or food drive, and let the kids decide what to give.  Their thoughtful responses will no doubt surprise you, and it warms one’s heart to really see the selflessness that children are capable of.  It’s truly a tradition that keeps on giving, and with our economies still struggling, you may well be surprised by the number of people that even a small donation can help.

Holiday and Christmas traditions are fun and easy to establish, no matter the size of your family.  It is these traditions that will be looked back on through the years, that bring that sense of love and peace into our hearts, and allows us to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season any day of the year.