Help Married Couples Enjoy their Dating Lives

  Every married couple should have a consistent routine to keep the marriage flame alive and thriving!  Schedule is the best way to make sure that dating does not get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  Too may couples work very hard at keeping the dating excitement going before the marriage and once the honeymoon is finished, the dating becomes dull and almost non-existent.  Here are some tips to help married couples enjoy their dating life.

  1)  Don’t take the kids!  Obviously when children are first born and in their first few months, it may not be convenient to leave the child with someone, so in that case, take the child with you.  However, once the child reaches a year. leave the child with someone you trust, preferably a family member, and have a date, just husband and wife.  Children are a blessing, but date night should be several hours alone with your spouse!  This is a vital tip to help married couples enjoy their dating life!

  2)  Date consistently every week!  This happens by schedule!  Date night should be sacred and nothing should take priority over this night that should occur once a week.  The best time to date is the same time every week and not just when one is available.  This is one problem that married couples have is that work takes priority over family and this is one reasons families get in trouble.  Date the same night every week and don’t miss it unless you die!  Married couples enjoy their dating life better when they have that night to look forward to every week!

  3)  Have an overnight date once a month!  This is a bit out of the normal date, but it is a nice change of pace and a little getaway.  This also should be done without children, however, once a month is sufficient.  Having time with your spouse, just the two of you, overnight in a nice hotel, will do wonders for your relationship. 

  4)  Make the date night a little exciting!  The best way to do this is to keep the place a surprise where you will go!  Make the date a little creative instead of going the same places every week.  Have a little adventure to keep the date exciting!

  These are a few ways to help married couples enjoy their dating lives and should be practiced to contribute to a great marriage!