Handling Betrayl

Betrayal is a tough word these days and has been for centuries. Handling how to deal if a family member of friend has betrayed you in any way can be tough on your emotional process. Since the days of old betraying has been common, especially in the medieval days where if a friend betrayed the king, it was off with their heads! But of course you wouldn’t do that these days! If that were true the world be looking mighty glummer. So how do you deal and cope with it? It can be hard but you can get over it and accomplish through.

Let’s say some of your friends or friend let out a personal secret about yourself that you really didn’t feel comfortable with other people knowing. What would you do? Would you yell your anger out at them, talk to them quietly over the issue or just ignore? Of course you feel shocked and awful how someone could do this to you and how you feel it is unnatural to keep the friendship going after this, but you need to talk to them to resolve the issue. If you can work it out and keep it working maybe the friendship will get stronger and more focused.

If you skirt around this issue and ignore the friend it is not always the best choice. This is mainly because maybe your friend unintentionally hurt your feelings and they do not know what they did wrong and why you are giving them such a cold shoulder. That is way its the best idea to talk it out first before just assuming they did it out of spite or jealously. A betrayal that involves stealing may be more tedious. This may break a friendship and even give you insight on that maybe you could find other friends that do not tinker with your belongings. What kind of friend takes from the other? If that does occur, you need better friends.

Overcome a big deal such as that can be hard, you may tend to distant yourself from family or other friends, maybe people in general but just because one so called friend has been disloyal to you, doesn’t mean everyone else in your life is too. Go to them for support, feel like you really are wanted and aren’t just there to be a toy for someone else. There will always be someone there to help you cope with such an ordeal. Never give in to the anger one gives you, learn from it.