Guide to different Ladies Gloves

When it comes to fashionable winter wear for women, many people think of coats and scarves. But gloves are important, too. Although they are utilitarian, the different styles can offer a great way for women to express themselves through fashion. It’s important to understand the different types of gloves that will work for you.


Fingerless gloves are a hot trend. However, they are also a great functional piece when it’s necessary to have touchability in the fingers. Whether it’s rifling through your purse to find your compact or using your keys, it can be handy not having to remove your gloves when its cold outside.


Shearling gloves such as Surell Gloves, are the typical glove you might expect to see during harsh winter weather. The thick casing and quality stitching is great for shoveling a car out of the snow or simply brushing off the windshield before work.

They may not offer that much appeal in terms of femininity but they are functional. The Surell Gloves has some faux fur detail on the wrist to add a bit of style but its bulk does not make this glove a fashion statement accessory.


Many women’s gloves adhere to a basic design. The Coach Basic Glove is a form-fitting leather glove with a modest height just above the wrist. Although this particular glove is lined with cashmere, the design is still about the same. Basic gloves like these can be a great go-to glove for running errands or pairing with a work-appropriate outfit. They are thin but provide just enough protection from the elements.


Knit gloves come in a wide variety of lengths, styles and colors. These are usually inexpensive and for that reason, many women like to be a bit more playful on the color selection. Knit gloves are great for adding a pop of color to a drab outfit — but don’t do much to keep out snow. The knit material is prone to wetness and isn’t quite the right glove for dealing with harsh winter elements.


Cell phones are so prevalent these days, so it was inevitable someone would design gloves that allow you to operate a smartphone. The Isotoner Glove with Matrix Nylon has a conductive thread embroidered in the thumb and index finger. This gives off an electronic impulse to the touchscreen of any electronic device. This is a great way to keep your fingers warm and operate your cell phone.


Many gloves are cut at or around the wrists, however, some gloves are longer. Whether it’s in the middle of the arm or by the elbow, long gloves can be quite stylish. Some are tight, while others offer a ruched look to add detail and become a focal point for your outfit.  

Different glove styles for women can be fun ways to experiment with different colors, textures and designs during the winter. Whether it’s the fingerless glove with a flip-top mitten or the North Face Thermal gloves that have touchscreen abilities sewn into the fingertips, there is a glove for every woman. Understanding the basic features of different glove styles will you help to make a more informed decision and keep your fingers nice and toasty.