Friends Betrayfriend Betrayalfriends Betrayalbetrayed Friendbetrayed by Friend

It was said that you cannot be hurt by someone you don’t care. This also implies that you will be hurt the most by someone you love and care the most. Who can be him? A friend.

The feeling of being betrayed by someone you really trusted and cared can be one of the most miserable feeling you can ever experience. If you cannot trust someone you shared your life and memories to, who else in the world you can run in to. As the friendship shattered, something inside you also shattered.

What can we do to cope up with this miserable event? How can we convince ourselves that life will be back to normal and the feeling will vanish someday ?

+Most of the time, everything that we feel is a product or result of how we view the world. In this case, we must accept the fact that nothing in this world is permanent. People come and go just like how clothes fades and worn out.  If we can understand this reality, we can accept that our friend’s betrayal is just a natural order of the universe. Nothing and no one stays the same forever.

+Another thing to take in mind is the subjectivity of the situation. If for example, you put yourself in your friend’s situation, what will you do? Will you choose your friend or not? Many situations must be judged in accordance to specific and relevant facts and not on universal laws and beliefs. The world is rarely black and white. However if you put yourself in their shoes and still you are not convinced that his or her actions is not justifiable, maybe you really need to move on.

+The last best thing to do is to forgive and move on. Though forgiving your friend does not necessarily mean that you can be friends again or you will have the same degree of relationships as you had before, forgiving will get rid all the heartaches inside you. We have seen many people that did not forgive their sinners. In the end, we saw that they are the one who suffer the most, by either getting sick by their repressed feelings or being unable to make new friends due to the fear of being betrayed again.

When you are betrayed by a friend, don’t be too sad for too long. The world is a continuous journey and travel. The world does not stop when our friends left us. Maybe their loss is just a making room for another gain, a more trustworthy friend.