Flattering Shorts for Women with a Full Stomach

In creating a versatile wardrobe, it is useful to include a few different pairs of shorts. To achieve a flattering appearance, it is very important to choose styles that suit your body shape. The following article is a brief guide to choosing shorts that flatter a full stomach.

Style & cut

Always look for flat front shorts, pleats and tucks will just create extra bulk that is best avoided in a full region. The best waist height tends to be a middle rise style, somewhere around belly button height. You want to avoid anything low rise like hipster cuts, because you may suffer from the fashion faux pas known as muffin top. Also avoid fitted high rise styles, because your stomach is likely to bulge through the middle in an unflattering manner.

If you plan to wear a long loose top like a tunic style that will conceal your stomach, you can wear a narrow leg short. However, if you intend on wearing a shorter length top it is a good idea to wear a short that is wider through the leg, such as an A line style. This will help balance out your proportions.

It is generally best to choose a longer length short with a hem ending at the knees or below. This will help draw the focus to your legs, rather than your torso. You may find that you need to buy shorts that are a size bigger to accommodate your tummy. To get a good fit through the hips and legs, consider having them tailored to suit. Ideally look for shorts that feature side zips, rather than front zips.

Color & print

Look for shorts that are plain and dark in color. These will help to lengthen your stomach region and make it appear leaner. In reverse avoid light or bright colors and prints. The only exception to the print rule is a fine vertical pinstripe.


Wear crisp fabrics that help conceal your tummy, or those that drape over it, dependent on the style of short. Avoid knit jersey shorts they will highlight the fullness through your stomach region. Also avoid shiny and textured fabrics because they inevitably make an area seem bigger.

Decoration & details

Wear your detailing and decoration at other points like the shoulders or ankles. Building up these areas can help minimize the bowling ball effect. Avoid shorts with belts at the waist, ties or drawstring waists. No waistband styles are the most flattering. If you really must wear a belt, make it the same color as your shorts. Also avoid any other detailing across the waistline, such as; horizontal seam lines, belt loops, pockets and front darts.