Fathers Day

I saw this topic and I had to respond to it although I am not a father or a husband. What I am is a daughter and hopefully soon to be wife.
First I am going to tell you about some experiences with me and my father. After reading this you should say to yourself, “I don’t want to be like this”. The only quality time me and my father spent together was building a deck together outside his house. I was about 10 to 17 years old. I can’t remember. I was so proud of what we had done together. I felt like I had actually accomplised something. A week later he tore it down. Believe it or not I was crushed. Simply because the one thing we did together was destroyed. Growing up I always begged my father for attention and never got it. My sister which is not his flesh and blood meant more to him then I did, which is funny because now days she has nothing to do with him. Once he made up a lie about me over the phone to my mother just to keep her off his back. I had the proof in my hand. He used to have me make up lies to tell his bill collectors. When I was young he would make plans to pick me up for the weekend. I would have my bags packed and ready to go. Half the time he’d never show up. Once I messed my knee and ankle up and he had to take me to the hospital. The doctor said I needed crutches. My Dad said he wasn’t spending the money on them when I could use the ones he had. We get home and they could only find one crutch and the handle was missing. I couldn’t use it. Needless to say I couldn’t walk. No one would help me out of the car into the house. I’m trying to pull myself up the steps, meanwhile my father is looking down at me from inside saying, “Hurry up you’re letting the flies out.”, and laughes at me. To this day I never talk to my father unles I make the effort. He doesn’t call or come by. I can give him my number and address, but a week later he doesn’t know how to reach me. So take my advise. If you’re someone’s Dad, don’t be like my father. You’ll only grow apart in time. Let me set the record straight. I love my father but after all the things I’ve went through with him I hate to be around him.
Now I’m going to tell you about the special man in my life. We are not married yet, but in my heart we are. I’ve known him for years from where I worked. I’d say about 13 years. We never really spoke until here recently. I’ve seen people he’s been in relationships with and he’s seen mine. Before we ever started talking there was a time I had to ride a bicycle to work. There was a house I passed by everyday that I would see him at. I thought he lived there. Turns out he was doing some work for the people who actually lived there. Everyday I caught myself looking to see if he was out there. I foun out later that he got used to what time I rode by so he would go outside so he could see me. Even though we weren’t speaking yet. A few months later we started speaking and got to know each other. When I finally got invited to his house and for the first time I felt like I was at home. I used to have these dreams about someone I thought I had never met. I found out later the guy in my dreams looked exactally like he did in his younger days. Spooky huh? Now we are like two peas in a pod. We do everything together. Because of him I am able to go back to school and persue my dream of working online at home.