Family Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate.  Traditionally families will get together and have a big dinner to give thanks.  Despite this being a happy occasion it can be a challenge.  We should all be honest and face the facts, we all have family that can be challenging.

Did I say challenging?  We should be even more honest, we all have at least one family member who will get on our nerves.  This would be the person that has us trained to check the caller Id before we pick up the phone.  We see that person’s name and most of the time, we will just let the phone ring. This will be a person that will be at the holiday dinner.  Despite the fact that they will be there, we can cope with family Thanksgiving stress.

Does the dinner start at a particular time?  You can show up just in time to eat.  This will allow you to dodge the extra time that could have been spent chit chatting with that person that will eventually tick you off.  Normally you will do most of your chatting with whomever you are sitting next too.  When choosing your seat, try to sit next to someone that is already seated. This will mean there is only a small slight chance that the person you don’t want to sit next too will grab that seat.  If anyone else comes along, grab them and start a conversation. Hopefully, they will then take that extra seat.

Are there a group of men around?  There is always a football game or some other sporting event on television for Thanksgiving.  There is a pretty good chance that the group of men will be watching that sport in a different room.  These men don’t want to discuss anything, but the game.  This is a great room to be in.  They will hardly  notice you are there.  You can sit in peace and not have to worry with the stress going on anywhere else in the house.

If all else fails and you end up with the family member that will cause you stress pray and change the subject.  You will first want to pray.  Ask GOD to give you the strength to deal with them.  Ask God to guard your mouth and remain polite and not let you say what you really want to say to them.  You should also change the subject.  If that person wants to talk about things that you don’t, start a different conversation.  You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want too.  Advise them that you don’t want to talk about it.  Start talking about the weather.  Above all things keep in mind that Thanksgiving only happens once a year and if you survive the day you are home free.