Family Happiness

Fulfillment in life is obtained through loving relationships. Money and achievement can provide happiness in the short term, but for long-term contentment, most individuals attribute their satisfaction with life to family happiness.

Happiness comes from within. External forces cannot dictate a person’s happiness. Financial success, career accomplishments, public recognition are all deemed the rewards of life. Having no one to share these achievements with could make them empty triumphs. Persons with less notable lives and thriving families might potentially enjoy a higher level of happiness.

Loving and being loved trumps all other goals in life. Adopting certain specific traits and behaviors will ensure achievement of fulfillment and family happiness, regardless of other external circumstances:

* Have realistic expectations

Never expect from others more than you have given or achieved. Persons who keep their expectations aligned with reality are most often the happiest. Respect the unique qualities of other individuals and embrace how their differences enrich your life experience.

* Have the right attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way in achieving fulfillment and family happiness. Look at the bright side, find the silver lining in each cloud, and appreciate that whether the glass is half full or half empty, it still contains the same amount of liquid. Choose to look at the glass as half full. A positive attitude is contagious; model a joyful attitude.

* Visualize your way to happiness

Visualization is a powerful tool for fulfillment and family happiness. Picture your life and your relationships the way you want them to be. Working toward a goal happens naturally when we can visualize what we truly want. Do not be blinded by what you mistakenly perceive as your goal. Fortune and fame can provide brief periods of happiness, but if loving relationships are your true aspiration, then your greatest efforts are best focused on that goal.

* Take responsibility

We all make mistakes. It is the way we learn. Owning up to your own mistakes, and forgiving others for theirs, builds trust in relationships. Trust among members is a key component to a happy family.

* Embrace change

Life is not stagnant; by its very nature, it consists of change. Be open to new experiences and embrace changes when they occur. Families thrive on flexibility and growth. Know how to hold on, and when to let go. Loving families provide power to succeed and room for making mistakes. Fulfillment in life and family happiness is an ongoing, on-growing learning process.

* Be appreciative

Have an attitude of gratitude about your life and relationships. Appreciate your loved ones with lavish praise and outward signs of affection. Realize you cannot give what you do not possess. Love and appreciate yourself first and foremost. Only by loving and appreciating yourself can you fully love and appreciate others.

Love has a boomerang effect; the more we love, the more we are loved. Love is the basic ingredient for fulfillment and family happiness.