Family and what it Means

Family is a niche for developing close and intimate relationships with your family members. It is a warm place by the fire that so much resembles like home.   Family is all about acceptance, humor, and relief of stress. Your family provides you with love and care without any expectations of return. 

Family is a special place for demonstrating your unconditional love to your family members.  Family members usually do small kind acts for each other.  You trust your family members by sharing your most intimate details of your lives with them.  Your family will always be there to give you hope, consolation, and support.

Your family will accept you for who you no matter what you experience or what happens to you in life.  Your family is there to support you and provide you with unconditional love.  Your family provides you with much needed relief when you are sick, in distress or trouble.

You can have it all from career to prestige to riches and yet lose it overnight.  It does not matter if this is an attractive car, wealth, fame, friends, and a beautiful wife.  You could even lose your career overnight especially in today’s uncertain times.  Your family will always be there for you no matter what kind of loss you may experience in life.  When you are sick and require long-term care, by the laws of nature your family members will usually come to your aid first.

Your family is meeting your basic human needs for security, belonging, and love.  You can not possibly have a fulfilling and meaningful life unless you meet these basic needs first.  In your family, you learn how to treat each other with respect and how to love each other unconditionally.  You usually pick up on basic values early on from your parents.  Each family has its own set rules of conduct and what is acceptable and what is not.  You are taught in your family how to treat your neighbor, older people, and your significant other.  Family is all about helping close family members who are in need.

When you are separated thousand miles away distance from your family, you experience a feeling of homesickness.  You don’t realize the actual value and the love that you may feel for your family member until you lose him.  You should not wait until it is too late to show love and kindness to your family members. I experienced it first hand what it means to be away from your family and all alone in a foreign country when I went away to do my studies. I discovered that distance makes the hearts grow even fonder.  There were regular exchanges of letters, e-mails, and telephone calls with my family.  Yet it was not sufficient to make up for everyday conversations and time spent with my family.