Family and Feelings – Yes

Is Blood Thicker Than Water?

Yes, blood is thicker than water. There are family members who ridicule you and leave you to feel that you are less than a person. The strong-willed, strong-minded person will continue to love those family members. If those people had been a casual acquaintance the comments might not have even penetrated the outer skin of our feelings. However, as an onion’s layers are torn away and tears are the result, we feel and bear the pain.

Questions may arise in the mind of the victim. Questions arise that are accompanied by no apparent answer. This is when that strong-willed, strong-minded person will take into consideration the fact that those people do not think very much of themselves. How can a person who thinks so little of themselves be expected to think highly of any other person? It is true that those people who are closest to us tend to hurt us the most. This is possible because they have the most ammunition with which to attack.

We are able to block these attacks. We are able to teach others how to treat us. Now that you have come to the conclusion that you think much more of yourself than others do, even family members take steps to teach them how to treat you.

Step 1- Analyze the severity of the problem. At this time, you will ask yourself why you continue to subject yourself to such ridicule. You may wonder if it would not be easier to dismiss this person from your life. Let us speculate, with our eyes closed of course. What role does this person play in your life? Do you have others who love this person and expect through you to be able to communicate with them? Are they the aunt, uncle, or grandparent of your child or children? Do they usually host a gathering where you are able to see many of your other loved ones as well? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you have proven that blood is thicker than water.

Step 2- Confuse the enemy. The enemy here is not the loved one; it is the insecure feeling the loved one has about themselves. When the off-the-wall comments come from them, when they use episodes from your past as a display of your present, give them a concerned look. A look that might say “Wow, that was a shallow attempt to hit me deep, but fortunately for me I am too deep for that.” Then just smile and continue with the conversation. The fact that you did not attempt to make an excuse for your past will leave them confused because they did not press the buttons that have been pressed in the past.

Step 3- Shine! There is a toy that was very popular in the ’70’s. This toy was used to polish rocks to make beautiful jewelry. The remarkable thing about the tumbler, as it was called was that the most effective material used to polish the rocks was other jagged rocks. As the ridicule continues and we feel that we are in a tumbler being tossed around and hit on every angle by those who are not very different from us, remember that we ourselves are being groomed and polished for a greater purpose.

The loved one may never come to the realization that they have many more shortcomings than those that they display in others. However, because blood is thicker than water, we can not just dismiss that person. We must have to understand that no man is an island. Obstacles come so that we can climb atop and see further than we have before.