Fall 2011s most Wearable Fashion Trends for Women

Women of style can rejoice once again as this year’s fall items express nothing but chic, sophistication and the cozy aura of autumn. From the purely feminine to the utterly cozy and from retro polka dots to lovely lace and plaid gone modern – the following selected top picks for fall will surely offer a varied selection of choice to cater to today’s diverse range of style preferences. So get those knee-high boots on to pair with any of these most wearable fashion trends for 2011’s cozy season.

Peplum Blazers, Coats and Vests

Pretty feminine blazers and jackets pulled in slightly at the waist are in for fall 2011 and feature as a very wearable item for most women. There’s an abundance of dresses, skirts and coats to choose a peplum fit, and the red carpet and runways have been sporting some peplum looks as a welcomed comeback from their heyday during the 1980s. The revival of peplums is tailored to cater to today’s women who strive to be and look healthy, and not stick thin. Take a glimpse at some of the featured peplum looks for fall here.

Maxi skirts and Cozy Sweaters

This very wearable fall trend a cozy and yet feminine combination that’s also modest and chic not to mention comfortable. It offers a nice and smooth transition from summer to fall, especially for those fans of maxi dresses. Simply add a cozy sweater on top of the dress or wear a maxi skirt and wear some autumn time boots and a scarf for a truly chic, elegant and classic lady -like look. It’s perfect for casual every day wear but can also turn glamorous depending on the combination of colors and materials as well as accessories. For a nice peak at how this look appeared on the catwalks, click here.

Polka dots

Always wanted to look great retro style? Well now’s the perfect time since polka dots are officially in. To get away with this seasons trend of retro polka dots there’s no need to be covered in them looking like a Dalmatian, although that’s perfectly fine if one is an over-the-top lover of polka dots. Consider a polka dot blouse or a scarf to accentuate the look. Scarves are a popular fall time accessory, yet feel free to choose among the selection of dotted bags and dresses as well. For a glimpse into some of the top dot trends, click here.


Lace was in during the start of the year only to disappear during spring and summer, but autumn has arrived and decided to call it back in again. Instead of all things lace however, the trend is for little bits of lace on dresses and jackets. This trend is very wearable and adaptable, since a little piece of lace on a blazer or dress or even a laced scarf is all that’s needed to pull of this trendy look. Interested in lace? Then catch some lace looks here.


Plaid is a classic type of autumn patterned wear. It’s quite easy to wear a plaid shirt, skirt or jacket or even scarf. Don’t worry about it looking old or granny style, this seasons plaid has taken a modern makeover. Plaid is suited for professional and recreational wear, depending upon the particular design and colors used. To look at some of the featured items of plaid on the catwalks, click here.

This year’s fall offers a fabulous collection of very wearable fashion trends for the very real women of today. So savor the season with the cozy, feminine and chic range of fashion wear for autumn 2011.