Escape Corporate Mom at Home Stay at Home Mom better Family

As a worker in a telecom company where the business run 24 hours 7 days a week and as I was responsible about getting our IT systems up and running 99.99% of the time you can imagine how much time is left for my home!

It is true that it was hard but I liked my job and did not ever thought about how much time and effort I put in it. I did not even realize that I am nearly damaging myself and my family.

As a wife I was trying to make it up for my husband and for my kids I am lucky that my mom was taking care of them. Something that I will be grateful for her forever.

So my family was going somewhat ok thanks to my husband understanding and my mother support. But only one thing that was saying that its not ok!

My house was always upside down and I used to spend the weekend trying to put it back in shape. Many days we eat junk food because there is no time or no energy- to cook. This was a shame, me the finest cook among my friends and family members feeds my family garbage!

I feel embarrassed if someone comes over suddenly without a notification, and if you live in Egypt this is the norm. I was always stressed with the clutter around the house.

And one day all of sudden I get my life back, I get my freedom and I am here to help you with that. Out of my experience I will you how to have the dream home even if you have few minutes a day.

After a job well done that took 2 days of continuous work and the CEO is celebrating the heroic woman who saved the company business. I felt empty! I felt that all of this is a non sense. What I am doing here ? saving the company , the hell with the company.

I have missed my son 1st birthday because of this issue, I was not there with my other son on his first day at school! I felt so guilty and so empty. All these fancy certificates and all these long nights are in vain.

A restructure or a reorganization or call it whatever come in and my company management decided that I should be moved to another department to resolve another issue!

No sir, I am quitting, I am getting my life back. My husband was flying from joy when I told him my decision. My parents were glad that I am leaving this hectic job but in same time worried. Is the coming life suit me after being an independent worker for 15 years will I settle down for a stay at home mom role? They wonder and to be honest I was wondering also but with the trial it seems the most correct decision I have made.