Dressing your best no Matter what your Body Type

Dressing your best no matter what your body type.

I know what you’re probably thinking: If I only had Angelina Jolie’s body every time I put on clothes, I would be dressing my best! Well, that’s probably not going to happen. I don’t think Angelina Jolie has Angelina Jolie’s body. Remember, those pictures are all smoke and mirrors, ladies!

What you can do is learn some easy style rules that will help you look your best every time.

First things first, accept where you body is today. If you wait to lose those last ten pounds you’ll never feel good about yourself. I’ve learned that when you look good now you’ll feel better later. Sometimes denial really is a river in Egypt and sometimes denial is the planet many of us come from and now, its time to come home. Accept the size and shape you are and half the battle is won.

Second, determine the shape of you body. Are you curvy on top? Slender? Round all over? Got junk in your trunk? The best way I found to determine your shape is – you’re gonna hate this – ask your friends. I’ve read the books, seen the makeover shows and ended up confused about what shape I am. I think I am pretty top heavy, but found that I have a harder time dressing my lower half, so am I bottom heavy? See how confusing it can all be? Just pick a friend you trust to be honest with you and ask them what they think is the smallest part of you (then you’ll be able to determine your biggest part), or ask them where they think you carry the bulk of your weight. I know it’s not always easy to hear, but remember this is so you can always look your best and that begins with an honest assessment of what body shape you are. Also, don’t get mad at your friends, no matter how quickly they were able to answer the last question.

Once you know your body shape and have accepted that it is beautiful. Start looking atsome different clothing options like tailoring. We can all use a little tailoring once in a while. Regardless of body shape, I’ve found that tailoring for the perfect fit ultimately makes you look like a million bucks. Remember, black is not the only thing that makes you look slimming; a perfectly fitting outfit can take 10 pounds off your body.

Also, buy quality clothing. Now, I know your thinking, but wal-mart is within my price range! Look, I would rather have a perfect fitting, long lasting pair of jeans and wear them 2-3 times a week than 2-3 jeans I only wear once and don’t look good on me! You have to buy quality if you want to dress your best! I can not stress that enough! If money is an issue, I’ve found designer consignment stores are awesome for stretching your dollar and for finding designer label clothing at really inexpensive prices. You can also try ebay. Just a word of caution though, you can be ripped off by fakes and you can not try things on, but if you can find a great deal, I say go for it.

The last thing to dressing your best is owning great shoes and bags. I am a firm believer that shoes and bags can often make or break an outfit. What’s the point of wearing Dolce and Gabbana that you pair with ill-fitting shoes and a cheap handbag? What happens is that everyone notices your ill-fitting shoes and cheap handbag. You don’t have to spend a fortune on shoes and bags, but you do have to buy quality, expensive looking accessories. You can wear off the rack clothing, if it 1. fits properly 2. is of good quality 3. you pair it with a fabulous shoe and bag.

I know not everyone dreams in shoes and bags like I do, but once a season or at least once a year, buy a style magazine or book, watch a makeover show, ask that stylish woman you work with for some advice and I guarantee you will always dress your best!