Dressing Slimmer

Real, Practical Tips for Dressing Slimmer.

For Everyone:

Make sure your clothes fit. Sounds obvious, but time after time I see people squeezing into clothes that show off every bulge or roll. Buying one size larger is so much more forgiving. It’s even worse when people are swimming in their clothes. This makes you look ten times larger. Buy your clothes at a reputable store with employees you can trust. Make sure your fit is good.

Find a great tailor. If you have a shape that doesn’t let you buy clothes off the rack, a good tailor is priceless and worth every penny. Fit should always be your number one priority. Take clothes you don’t love to your tailor and watch he/she work wonders.

Make dark colors your friend. Dark colors can work wonders to slim one if they are used properly. Make your staple pieces of your wardrobe dark colors (black, brown, navy) and use your accessories for a pop of color. Also use dark colors to downplay your trouble areas. Pear-shapes (thicker on the bottom) should do dark colors on the bottom, and triangles (thicker on the top) should do dark colors on the top.

Vertical stripes really work. Use them to your advantage.

Match your shoe (and sock or hosiery) color to your pant color. This gives the illusion of one long line, making you look taller and slimmer.

For Women:

Get the right bra. Spend some time getting fitted in a lingerie store, and I’m not talking the chain underwear store at the mall. Go to a department store with an extensive lingerie department or a small specialty store. Somewhere where the selection is large enough that the staff won’t try to sell you into the only size(s) that they cary. 

If you think you need it, try some shapewear. There are a plethora of products out there these days that “hold you in.” They can work wonders. Spend some time finding one that helps you with your trouble spots. Of particular note are the revolutionary Spanx, although there are cheaper alternatives at Target, Walmart and other discount stores.

For Men:

Stay away from straight leg or tapered pants. I see this more often in men than in women. A slight flare or bootcut balances out your hips and backside making for a slimmer overall look.

Invest in a great jacket. Two buttons is the most flattering for the widest variety of shapes. Make sure that it fits your shoulders, arm length and overall height. Buy it from a quality store where they have a tailor or fit specialist on site to ensure good fit.

Taking some time to dress slimmer will pay off in spades, both in terms of how others see you and how you perceive yourself. Give it a try!