Do you always Marry your Dream Man or someone better

I am curious what my dream man would have looked like in real life. There are so many different characteristics I find attractive and put together in one man, well the result could be someone unbelievably attractive or the opposite. Too much of a good thing might actually become boring so I thought it would be best to leave my dream man in my dreams and wake up to reality. The reality is that I have a very real man in my life and when I delve deep in my heart it is surprising what I find.

I admit there are some characteristics of my dream man that have merged into my real man. My dream man had to be a loving and caring person and so is my real man, my dream man had to be strong for me and so is my real man. And my dream man had to have eyes only for me and as far as I know so has my real man. I admit the white horse isn’t there and neither is he a prince but I am a down to earth sort of woman so I wonder how long I would have lasted with a man who had everything from looks to riches. Would I have even found a place in his heart and in his world? Such perfect specimens only belong in story books or on the screen. The real world is different but a whole lot more interesting.

In the real world you marry a real person, a person who grows with you and shares the good, bad and the ugly sides of life with you. Not perfect with movie style dialogues and offering around the clock romance and yet he can be the most attractive and interesting man to have around. This man is real and he doesn’t go away when the going gets tough, he stays and sees it through with you and holds your hand through it all offering support and advice. And he sees you in all your colours and with or without make up and he loves you just the same.

Being practical by nature I leave my dream world exactly where it should, in the land of dreams. It’s a world that cannot become real because it is not meant to. In that realm you are allowed to feel and see things that might be weird or strange if brought into the real world. By the same token, I leave the dream man exactly where he should be, somewhere imaginary and unrealistic. My real man has all the qualities that fulfil me as a woman and he will not disappear when my dream ends, he will be right beside me as real as I am real.

I have yet to meet a woman who admits to marrying the man of her dreams, maybe some do and I wish them all the happiness but in my little world I have found my dream man in the real world and I can truthfully say he is a whole lot better.