Do it yourself Tips for Extending your Wardrobe

It’s courage, isn’t it? Sass, fantasy, ‘let-me-look-twice’ things we do to our outfits, that makes us who we are, and set the trends for fashion everywhere! Often it’s the $.50 t-shirt we bought yesterday, or a random flea market with a belt at the bottom of the barrel, for 4 bucks, originally worth $$-hundreds!
There are memories up all our sleeves, of a careless mockery on labels. “Honestly, how outrageously expensive all the Fashion Houses can be,” most have said; though pop into the next Good Will or ‘Salvo’ and find yourself with a dollar-tie, by Dior, and see how much you hate labels!
The tips are endless: for girls it’s simple, just find anything in a thrift shop, and you guarantee yourself 99.9% that no one else has it (at least anymore)! If it’s cheap and cute it’s probably a winner! Girls can pretty much get away with anything, at any time! My advice on that level is to be as flamboyant as possible, but cover at least everything you can with one layer or another! This appeals to your figure, style and “classe de elegance!” Leave the creativity to the clothes and the imaginations to the eyes of your observer. Guys the challenge is greater, though much smaller in physicality. For example, button-up shirts are worn with sleeves rolled with cuff links for trim. Next, keep the colours simple but intricate in variety of styles (shapes, sizes, textures). For more of a street look, try tight pants/jeans (any colour), or loose fit -but shaping to the figure. Baggy clothes tend to have a specific line drawn by size and colour, bordering “thug” to “hippie.” I try to flaunt styles very specifically, somewhat boycotting ideas of stereotypes and mixing and matching ideas of my own, for instance, the mixture of cowboy and Victorian gentleman’. End with a touch of chain or necklaces draped with knacks and charms. Hemp necklaces and baggy skirts/pants are the most comfortable and useful for dancing.
Either gender, fuse the clothes you have into new looks and new colours, every season. Take your old clothes, and for a more economic approach (encompassing environmental-friendly aspects as well as one of a kind clothing) tear them up and sew them back together. Make new things! This is the way forward with do-it-yourself wear! Fashion can be easy, especially for the poor: we have an excuse! We never have to look the same twice! It’s easy for the rich; the fashion trends set by today’s houses are run for the wealthy. It’s a game of money, but everyone who’s anyone usually looks the same! What’s the point! Shopping for a pair of pants that cost $300 is ridiculous when you can buy an entire new wardrobe; no one has, for $50! Finally, I, myself, say find something cheap, in a place small enough town for no one to know the name of and invest a hundred dollars on clothes, based on ideas incorporating, colour, shape, size, silhouette, range (of uses), texture (hand), etc. You’ve the advice, now invest the time; have fun with your look, it’s your body, your reflection, your act before judgment from the masses!