Dealing with know it Alls

I found this an interesting topic…. asking how to deal with know it alls? I find this funny because I know to some people I come across that way! I am not overbearing, and I do not give advice when it is not requested, but I am opinionated. I actually think that is why I love this website so much…I get to express myself and I am not worried about what other people think about what I have to say. I generally follow the golden rule…if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! I try to stay away from controversial topics as much as possible, but I do express myself around certain people that I know can debate with me and not be offended.

When I encounter a “know it all” I usually decide very quickly if this is someone I want to get into a conversation with, or if I am looking for the quickest way out! The overbearing know it alls are the ones that tend to get under people’s skin. Some how no matter what they say they are upsetting someone! If it is a person I can debate with I will go at it with them. I will argue my point, but at the same time I will respect their opinion. This are usually very enlightening conversations for all parties…some people don’t even need to active in the conversation to get something beneficial out of it. The most annoying know it alls actually follow you around! Even when you have ended the conversation they will continue to bring it up. I had a man at my last job that knew my mother and would always try to explain to me why she left her job. It was frustrating…he knew my mother for quite some time…but did he really think that he knew my mother better than I did, or was he just looking to gossip?

My father is my worst know it all though. He is the worst because he openly admits that he does not know all, but if you are not doing things his way, it is just not right! I love him, and I respect his opinion, but there are times when I just want to tell him to leave me alone. To make matters worse I am a married woman with children of my own and I don’t need my father telling me how much I am doing wrong, but enjoy watching his grandchildren grow. As a teenager I would just agree with everything he said. I would generally try to stay as quiet as can be and just nod to show my acceptance of his rule. Now in my mid twenties I try to debate with him more which actually blows his mind, and he usually backs off quite quickly.

I would say when it comes to know it alls, you need to choose your battles carefully. Some battles can be won, some will turn out to be a satisfying tie….but the hopeless cases either blow them off or tell them off. Either way it will show character, and that you are not someone that is looking to follow what they have to say, but make your own decisions! Stand strong and be your own know it all!