Dating Relationships

There are more than a few distinct differences between dating and relationships. The differences between dating and relationships are clear for some people. Dating is when the couple goes and hangs out together for fun, while a relationship usually implies a deeper commitment between two people.

There are also several types of dating, and a few different types of relationships.

Online dating is when people use dating web sites to find people that they are compatible with. By utilizing these dating sites, people can get to know something about the people they are in contact with. Most of these online dating sites have forums and instant messaging programs that interested people can use to make contact with others they find interesting. Once a couple communicates online for a while, they can choose to meet in real life to pursue a relationship.

Speed dating is where many single people meet in a public place and get to know a member of the opposite sex and chat for a predetermined time. These speed-dating events are held in major cities; however, there is another type of speed dating which is emerging. Some people will line up multiple dates in one night so that if they strike out with the first person they still get a shot with the second person. Right or wrong, this stuff is happening around the world.

Casual dating happens when two people get together for the purposes of getting to know one another on a social basis. These people get together for fun and so they do not have to attend social events on their own according to an article on forms of dating on the Live Strong website.

These people want to have the occasional dinner out or see a movie with someone. Those couples who get together for the occasional adult activities also fall into this category. There is nothing ‘serious’ about these types of relationships and sometimes the people who casually date will casually date multiple people. The people who casually date will not have marriage or a long-term type of relationship in mind.

Couples who are casually dating do not typically attend family functions or work functions of each other yet attend other social functions. This type of relationship is quite common.

Serious dating is when a couple is only dating exclusively to each other. With this type of dating, the couple is looking for a long-term relationship, which typically includes marriage or cohabitation. These people tend to always be with one another every minute they can be. There is a level of commitment here that is expressed between the couple.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell which type of dating relationship you are in, as the lines get very blurry between casual and serious dating for some people. Sometimes a relationship will get into the serious type very fast and then drop down to the casual type without warning.