We are becoming way too obsessed with shoes as a society. It used to be about how much money one could spend on their shoes. I won’t lie, I had a pair of the 150 dollar Air Jordans 15 years ago and yes I looked cool. Now it seems all the rage and controversy is over the cheaper brands of shoes, at least we are making progress as a society.

Take Crocs for example. These complete rubber, clog style shoes come in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. They are extremely inexpensive and thoroughly vented with a plethora of holes to encourage breathing of feet and very odd tan lines. They are often touted as the most comfortable multifunction shoe, serving from the garden to beach, a night out to a day on the boat, although many boat captains will not allow these shoes on their boats do to safety and insurance issues. This style of shoe has been proven to be horrible for both posture and long term health and posture effects. Nothing like an ugly shoe that will mess your body up over long term use. They should sell these with a warning label, not to mention they are the most hideous style of footwear mankind has ever dreamed up. You either are a huge fan or can’t stand these shoes, but that has not stopped them from booming sales and an immense popularity when first released. Since being on the market for a few years now, sales have dwindled and an overabundance of retailers with standing product has made the market literally flooded with shoes that will not sell. Thankfully Crocs will soon be a thing of our past much like pet rocks and bell-bottoms.

In addition an even more frightening cheaper shoe is the new Chuck Taylor or Converse brand. These new shoes only come in two colors, red and blue and are also packaged with a matching bandana. Most everyone is familiar with the controversy surrounding the long time gangs, the Bloods and the Crips. The colors of both of these gangs just happen to be the colors of the only manufacturing run of these shoes. They are the only shoes to ever be packaged with a matching bandana, which is often used as a form of identification amongst these gangs. The company has publicly stated that this was an oversight on their part and such was their intention.

As one can see, we have always had an odd relationship with shoes. From expensive to affordable one never knows where the next great or bad idea will start. Hopefully these trends do not become a mainstay of pop culture