Creative Ways to Show your Girlfriend you Love her

Women really aren’t that complicated. Even if you think you’re not that creative, there are some simple, yet creative ways to tell your girlfriend how much you love her. You do not have to spend a lot of money. After all, love isn’t about money or gifts. It’s about doing simple things to show someone how you truly feel.

Flowers and Candy

This one is fairly obvious. It is also a time honored favorite. Women really do love flowers and candy. Pay attention to what she truly likes. Remember that these aren’t just for special occasions. Often times, flowers and candy mean the most when there is no reason at all.

Surprise Her at Work or School

Surprise her by planning a special lunch or simply a quick visit during her breaks at work or school. This is romantic and creative. She will feel extremely special and know how much you love her. You can also send her flowers or a card. Women love little surprises, especially when others are around to see them as well.

Mix Tape

This may sound outdated, but mix tapes are still a great way to tell someone you love them. Put songs on a CD or even create a play list on their MP3 player with songs that let her know just how you feel. Don’t forget to put “your” song, or other important songs in the mix as well. Music has always been a great way to tell someone you care.

Random Special Night

Treat her like a queen for a night. Give her a reason to get all dressed up. Take her to a nice restaurant and maybe even some dancing. You can also cook a candle light dinner and spend the night simply waiting on her. Pampering your girlfriend every now and again will really tell her how much you love her.

Be a Poet

Write her a love poem or song. Tell her how you feel. Write her letter. Putting your feelings into words is a very simple way to tell your girlfriend you love her. Most men aren’t comfortable writing letters, poems, or songs, so this will mean even more to your girl.

Help Her Relax

Spend some time helping your girlfriend relax. Ask about her day. Talk to her. Let her vent for a while. Simply holding her for a while means more than words can say.

Knowing your girlfriend well will help you come up with even more creative ways to tell her how you feel. These are just a few of the many things you can do for her. Just remember to always tell her how you feel, not just on special occasions, but all year long.