Creative Ways to Show your Boyfriend you Love him

If you want your boyfriend to know how much you love him, it might be wise to look through the frame of a guy’s mind. It may be hard to do, but you can if you try. Just visualize you through your boyfriend’s eyes, and accentuate the positive things he sees in you. It works, every time.

1. Why do you think he wants to be with you? If he likes your company because you’re funny, then do and say funny things. Cheer him up with he’s down, and be around when he needs you. To a guy, that says a lot about how you feel and tells him you’re real.

2. Guys like to take the lead, so allow him to open doors and try to follow his dance routine. When you can let go of control, a guy will feel as if you are able to trust him. Anyone knows that guys like to be, “macho,” so let him lead as a way to please, without letting go of your own abilities. Your boyfriend also likes to see that you can independently stand on your own.

3. Give him the gift of space now and then, and it will be a great way to say you love him. When you’re sure of yourself and have high self esteem, he’ll see that he doesn’t have to hold your hand on demand. He can be free to be who he is with you, and there’s no better way to say, “I love you.”

4. Food is another way to say, “I love you.” Guys like to eat and the guy you feed is loved tremendously. Cook those things he likes to eat and watch his eyes light up. Chocolate chip cookies are a great way to show love.

5. Be on time. Guys don’t like to wait, so if you like the guy, don’t make him wait. Show him you care by being prepared. When he arrives and you’re on time, it won’t take long for him to see that he’s found a prize. Besides, it’s considerate and people who love often do considerate things as a way to say, “I love you.”

6. Don’t try to fix him. He’ll know you love him when you have faith in him. Assume that he knows what he’s doing, and don’t give advice unless he asks you. Even then, remember to advise wisely, by choosing what you advise him to do carefully. He already has a mom, so if you want him to be your boyfriend , don’t act like one.

7. Treat him with what he believes is heavenly. If heaven to him would be watching sports on TV, then provide him the opportunity. When you do, dress heavenly too and wear a heavenly scent. Make him believe that anywhere with you is where heaven is.

8. Create a date that’s all about him. Take him to those places that only guys like to go, and don’t complain when it’s a football game. He’ll know and believe that you must love him tremendously and especially if you try to have a good time.

9. Be wise. Don’t flirt with other guys. Make him believe that you only have eyes for him, and in the end, your love with shine through his.

10. There’s no better way to say, “I love you,” to a guy than to fit in with his friends. When he takes you somewhere, pretend that you’ve never been. He needs to feel special to you before he’ll believe you love him, so make the guy shine all the time and never compete with him.

If you’ve done all these things and your boyfriend still doesn’t see that you love him, then it might be wise to find another guy