Creating a new Family Tradition

Creating a new family tradition can be exciting and frightening at the same time. You want to have something special and meaningful to your family, and yet you don’t necessarily want to leave everything you have become used to behind either. The battle between sedate, safe, common traditions that have become routine for your family and a tradition that is exciting and fun and new but questionable in its enjoyment factor can be intense and stressful. It would be best to start planning things a good time frame before the holidays so everyone has a chance to give input.

Something to keep in mind when you are desiring a new tradition in your family, especially a holiday tradition, is to get input from all of the other family members that will be involved. Children in particular might not like any changes that are made to what they consider the way things should be.

Start building a new tradition by asking first what has become boring about the old way of doing things, what little change each person would like to see. Explain to them that you don’t want to change everything, just make it more vibrant and exciting for everyone again. If someone needs more time to consider the question, give it to them and tell them to be honest about what they want, but remind them they need to take everyone else into consideration.

Once everyone has given their ideas some thought, ask them to write them down and then begin piecing them together. Think about how it is that everything would best fit together, and then present the ideas to the entire family at the same time. Ask for input on how they think you should best combine the ideas into a new tradition that everyone will enjoy. Even little things such as going out for hot chocolate after a day of shopping can bond a family together, so don’t discount any idea that comes up.

Taking the time to listen to everyone and make them all feel like their ideas and desires for a way to make the holidays more special for the entire family can make all its members feel loved and respected and make them all enjoy the holidays more.

Nothing is more important than family. A tradition that takes everyone into consideration is the best way to ensure that the new tradition becomes an enduring and permanent addition to your holiday season.