Clutch Bag Patent Leather Clutch Bag

Human beings are highly visual creatures, with our other senses somewhat lessened compared to the hearing and smell of other dwellers in the world. One of the most noticeable features of our surroundings, thanks to our focus on eyesight, is light – a visual cue that stands out even more than the most vivid of hues.

Patent leather takes full advantage of this fact with its glossy surface. Light flows, pools, and reflects from the polished smoothness of patent leather, both drawing and intriguing the eye. Any light source is more noticeable than an object that is non-luminous – even if the luminosity is borrowed and mirrored rather than having its source in the object itself. The practical upshot of this is that patent leather accessories draw attention to you and create a glamorous look.

Once, this type of leather was created by a complex and time intensive process of adding and polishing many layers of linseed oil, which gave a gleaming but not quite as glossy appearance. Today, plastics are used as the coatings, to save time and expense to the manufacturer – and giving a higher gloss, and more light reflection, to the finished product. Please note that you should not use grease or Vaseline on the bag to keep it shiny, but instead liquid silicon, which also guards against scratches.

A patent leather clutch bag brings a glint of light to your costume, whose effect is perhaps only equaled by the glitter of certain items of jewelry. Since you typically hold such a purse in your hand, due to its smallness and lightness, the gleaming surface’s reflections of lamplight or even sunlight will accent your gestures and motions, just as the artistry of the bag itself accents your costume.

Patent leather is also suitable for use with any formal evening costume, and by picking a patent leather clutch bag of the appropriate color, you can give a striking accent to any fancy attire, making yourself more dazzling and giving a sophisticated gleam to your outfit. Since patent leather accessories can be so striking, you can often build an entire outfit around one accessory. For example, a shiny red patent leather purse combined with a simple black dress can create a look that is at once elegant and eye-catching. Regardless of how you decide to wear them, patent leather purses, shoes, handbags, and belts can make a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.