Choosing the right Sunglasses

To choose the right sunglasses, doesn’t require too many rules. The only rule is to know your personal style and what fits your face.  You should first start off by picking out the absolute best outfit to match the sunglasses.  To compliment your sunglasses, you have to have the right hair style/ hair cut. It provides so much more confidence whilst selecting the perfect shades.

Listen up guys, the word sunglasses has a key word to it ” SUN”. It’s takes away from the coolness if you’re attempting to walk around a nice restaurant or even a night club with your sunglasses on. Please do yourself a favor and don’t. Almost every mall has sunglasses, from the most wanted labels to least expensive ones that look just as great. It goes back to knowing what fits you best and also having self confidence.

All in all, it determines the shape of your face. Picking the right sunglasses add definition and character to ones face. Its ultimately up to the individual to choose the right pair, however here are some basic tips according to facial shapes. We have heart shaped faces, oval shaped faces, square shaped faces, oblong shaped faces,and round shaped faces. For round faces it’s best to choose a frame that is rectangle-shaped. It tends to broaden up certain features very subtly.

For the oblong shaped face, its best to choose a frame that will shortened the face. Square or round frames would be an ideal choice. The square shaped face is pretty much a face shape with a strong jaw-line, it is best to soften the angles of the face with timeless oval frames. Almost any style works with an oval face becasue this facial structure is very versatile. I myself have an oval face, and i can wear almost any pair of sunglasses there is. My favorite type would be the square frames. They always add a bit of character and many dimesions for me.

Lastly we have the round shaped face. People with round faces should avoid sunglasses that are round. It makes the face seem more rounder. As with any sunglasses, normally try to choose frames that are opposite from your face shape. Sunglasses are just like people. They come in different shapes, forms, colors, and sizes. Sunglasses call attention to an individuals face and features. Have fun while choosing the right sunglasses. Better yet, they may even choose you!