Cheap Summer Wardrobe

Seasonal fashions change throughout the years; just look at a snapshot from summer 1980 and one from summer 2010. You don’t even need to look back that far because even different clothes and swimsuits were worn as recent as 2002. Summer wear is changing constantly, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks catching up. Some simple ways to update your summer wardrobe include:

Shortening the Hems of Existing Bottoms

Shorts are getting shorter with escalating heat this decade, so shorten the hems of bottoms that you already have (and do not intend to wear in fall/winter). Bermuda shorts and capris make great candidates for shorts. Hems need to be at least finger-tip length while those exceeding an inch below the crotch are a don’t. Designers are not only shortening the hems but putting stitch work and rhinestones on the pockets, so update shorts even further by applying those.

Stenciling Designs on Existing Plain Tops

Designers are also incorporating cheeky phrases and tattoo designs on tops, so update your t-shirts and tanks by stenciling them on there. Create a stencil using either plastic or paper and trace a phrase/design on the stencil. After cutting the lines, then use fabric paint to fill in the appropriate areas on the stencil. Remove and let dry before use. For inspiration, check out popular t-shirt phrases and Ed Hardy shirts.

Adding a Belt to Swimsuits

Swimsuits are all about creating a shape, so add a belt to a swimsuit to bring attention to or create your waistline. Not only does a belt draw attention to your waist but it also cinches in the area for extra slimness.  Choose thin belts in black, white, or a matching color to your swimsuit. Don’t go too flashy with belts that have rhinestones or belt buckles, though; fashion hasn’t become that outrageous yet.

Wearing Ankle-Length Socks

High socks are a thing of the past; nothing outdates footwear, much less an entire outfit, more than unnecessarily high socks. If you must wear socks, keep them ankle-length and only wear them with closed-toe shoes. Stick with only white socks, too; sure, colorful socks or socks with prints are fun but they are juvenile on somebody older than 15.

Buying Cheap Tanks or Camis

Tanks and camis are extremely popular for women’s summer wear. So go to Walmart or a clothes store that’s having a blowout sale and get them cheap so you can get them in different colors/designs. Spend no more than five bucks per top. Not only can you wear them by themselves, but you can layer them as well over or under other tops.