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Overview Football equipment or gear is needed by all football players to safely play this hard-hitting and violent game. This equipment is specifically designed to help players absorb hard hits from opponents. Equipment has changed dramatically through the generations from the soft leather helmets that were worn during the game’s infancy to the hard plastic […]

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to explore the underwater world. It’s like going to an aquarium while having a chance to interact with the animals. Marine life is not shy—they are even curious about humans—and a scuba diver can often get close enough to touch them. Modern diving equipment has made the […]

In organized baseball, teams are often grouped together in a league. In professional baseball at the major league level, there are two leagues. The American and National leagues represent the pinnacle of elite baseball in North America, and both of these leagues have rules by which games are played and championships are administered. Number of […]

Overview The purpose of a golf scorecard is to keep track of your score. However, there is much more to a golf scorecard than simply a row of boxes in which to write numbers. A golf scorecard contains a significant amount of information about the course you are playing as well. The Holes The top […]

Minnesota is pockmarked with lakes throughout the state, and many of them contain ample amounts of fish that make them prime fishing. Some of the more common types of fish found in Minnesota include walleye, northern pike, trout and bass. The northern latitude of Minnesota can make for some great variance between the summer and […]

Overview A softball helmet is an important part of the uniform for any girl playing the game. The helmet, made of molded plastic and lined with foam, protects the player’s head from an errant pitch. A softball helmet covers the sides, top and back of the head, as well as at least one ear. One-eared […]

Boxing is a sport that demands strength, quickness, power and conditioning. However, the single-most important factor in boxing may be reaction time and the ability to demonstrate excellent reflexes. Simply put, in order to survive in the boxing ring — let alone win the fight — you have to get your punch off quicker than […]

Overview The hardflip is an airborne skateboard trick based on the ollie. If you can execute a solid kickflip that rotates the board 360 degrees along its length and a pop shove-it that rotates the board on its center 180 degrees, you’re more likely to master the hardflip, which is a combination of the two. […]

During the course of a game, a basketball team is allowed to have five players on the court at any given time. Each of the five players is assigned to a standard position and is responsible for a different aspect of the game. Each player has to be ready to play both offense and defense. […]

Lacrosse played at the middle school level is a competitive game played by 10 players on the field at the same time. The biggest differences between lacrosse played by middle school players and adults is the length of the game and the rules on stick checking. Lacrosse Field and Basics A lacrosse field is 110 […]