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Overview Football equipment or gear is needed by all football players to safely play this hard-hitting and violent game. This equipment is specifically designed to help players absorb hard hits from opponents. Equipment has changed dramatically through the generations from the soft leather helmets that were worn during the game’s infancy to the hard plastic […]

Scuba diving is one of the best ways to explore the underwater world. It’s like going to an aquarium while having a chance to interact with the animals. Marine life is not shy—they are even curious about humans—and a scuba diver can often get close enough to touch them. Modern diving equipment has made the […]

In organized baseball, teams are often grouped together in a league. In professional baseball at the major league level, there are two leagues. The American and National leagues represent the pinnacle of elite baseball in North America, and both of these leagues have rules by which games are played and championships are administered. Number of […]

Overview The purpose of a golf scorecard is to keep track of your score. However, there is much more to a golf scorecard than simply a row of boxes in which to write numbers. A golf scorecard contains a significant amount of information about the course you are playing as well. The Holes The top […]

Minnesota is pockmarked with lakes throughout the state, and many of them contain ample amounts of fish that make them prime fishing. Some of the more common types of fish found in Minnesota include walleye, northern pike, trout and bass. The northern latitude of Minnesota can make for some great variance between the summer and […]

Overview A softball helmet is an important part of the uniform for any girl playing the game. The helmet, made of molded plastic and lined with foam, protects the player’s head from an errant pitch. A softball helmet covers the sides, top and back of the head, as well as at least one ear. One-eared […]

Boxing is a sport that demands strength, quickness, power and conditioning. However, the single-most important factor in boxing may be reaction time and the ability to demonstrate excellent reflexes. Simply put, in order to survive in the boxing ring — let alone win the fight — you have to get your punch off quicker than […]

Overview The hardflip is an airborne skateboard trick based on the ollie. If you can execute a solid kickflip that rotates the board 360 degrees along its length and a pop shove-it that rotates the board on its center 180 degrees, you’re more likely to master the hardflip, which is a combination of the two. […]

During the course of a game, a basketball team is allowed to have five players on the court at any given time. Each of the five players is assigned to a standard position and is responsible for a different aspect of the game. Each player has to be ready to play both offense and defense. […]

Lacrosse played at the middle school level is a competitive game played by 10 players on the field at the same time. The biggest differences between lacrosse played by middle school players and adults is the length of the game and the rules on stick checking. Lacrosse Field and Basics A lacrosse field is 110 […]

LED bike lights are available in varying degrees of brightness. The power of an LED light is measured in what is known as lumens. A lumen is the measure of the amount of brightness that comes from a light source. Lumens define what is known as “luminous flux,” which is “energy within the range of […]

Overview Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, which is a yellow or red pigment found widely in plants and animals and the member of a distinct class of phytochemicals (i.e., chemical compounds occurring naturally in plants) called terpenes. It contains the yellow pigments xanthophylls and like most of the carotenoids, astaxanthin is also colorful and lipid soluble. […]

As the world’s second most popular sport after soccer, volleyball is present at schools, family reunions, corporate picnics, local gyms, on the beach and at the Olympics. You may even be asked to join a game, so knowing a few of the more basic rules will help you figure out not only how to play, […]

Lacrosse is a sport, usually played outdoors, that features two teams of 10 players. Each player wields a lacrosse stick with a small net at one end to help carry, pass and shoot the game ball. The game is high contact, although there are safer versions that avoid contact and feature softer balls. Field A […]

Overview According to the website, a study funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation found that, in 1999, “there were 750 bicycling fatalities and 51,000 bicycling injuries resulting from traffic crashes in the United States.” The number of bicycle fatalities, while decreasing from year to year, still accounts for 2 percent of all traffic […]

To achieve the ideal golf swing, golfers must work on overall fitness. These requirements include muscular control, flexibility and strength in all planes of motion. Golfers who have a weakened physical state tend to develop compensations that result in poor posture, lack of power and decreased mobility. Dysfunctional movement patterns can be corrected through golf-specific […]

Overview Rails allow snowboarders to practice their jumps, twists, and turns. Before building your own snowboard rail, consider its location–optimally, the rail should be placed on private property. But if the rail is to go on public grounds, make sure to leave adequate room for other skiers and snowboards to avoid it. Place the rail […]

Playing a standard five-on-five basketball game is often too difficult for kids. A game of five-on-five often involves players sitting out waiting their turns, or all out exclusion from games. There are some great easy basketball games that are more inclusive and can be played in large groups. Bump Bump is a game that can […]

The ability to tie knots is an essential skill for many anglers. Fishing line requires knots to holds sinkers, hooks, jigs and swivels to the line, in addition to other objects. Depending on what you are trying to tie, the right knot–or best options for a knot–can vary. While they can seem simple, different knots […]

Whether its hip hop, reggae, country, classical or pop, there’s a form of music for everyone. Your favorite disc undoubtedly has a style of dance or movement that goes with it. Is big band your thing? Try swing. How about jazz or hip hop? These are also styles of dance. Classical? Take up ballroom or […]

Overview Historically, there were originally very few differences between boots worn for the game of soccer and those worn for rugby. Only during the early to mid 20th century did the soccer and rugby boot really begin to evolve and adapt to each individual game, and ultimately become the very different finished products that they […]

Football is a sport that requires all the major muscle groups of the lower and upper body. Running, jumping, blocking and tackling are common football movements that depend on muscular strength and power. Developing athletes stronger and more powerful than the opposition begins in the weight room. It is necessary to choose exercises that train […]

Overview Making a skateboard deck at home can be as simple as cutting a pattern out of plywood and bolting on a couple of trucks. This basic approach will get you rolling quickly and easily. For the more serious builder, try the Thin Air Press from Roarockit. The Thin Air Press uses a vacuum to […]

Racquetball is an aggressive and athletic sport that is dependent on quickness, speed and creativity. Players are required to hit the ball to the front wall and then retrieve it and hit it back before it bounces a second time. However, a player may hit the ball off the sidewalls and the ceiling after it […]

Overview Painting your own goalie mask is an extraordinary task. Achieving the look, spirit and polish of an NHL mask requires great artistic talent, steady hands, patience and dedication to the task. However, if you can accomplish it yourself, your mask will be a personal, customized item you can hold close to your heart. Bringing […]

Before each baseball game begins, each coach will give the umpire a lineup card. Originally, the lineup card consisted of nine players, but since 1973, American League teams have been allowed to put 10 players on the lineup card. The 10th player is considered the designated hitter (DH) and takes the place of the pitcher […]

1. Be Part of Something Special Serving more than 2.5 million athletes around the world, Special Olympics is unique in its goal of providing athletic opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. The success of the organization relies heavily on its immense volunteer program. As a community-based program, Special Olympics uses volunteers from all walks of […]

As skateboarding has matured and gained popularity, tricks have become the mainstay for the sport. The progression of complex and daring tricks from skateboarding stars such as Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler and Tony Hawk has driven skateboarders to challenge themselves to copy and improve upon signature moves. These can be divided into several categories, including […]

Boxing speed bag training is a vital component of prefight preparation. Speed bag training develops hand-eye coordination, as well as improving reflexes. The level of accuracy and timing required to keep a speed bag going helps fighters improve their punching accuracy and the rhythm and timing of their punches. Timing The timing of punches is […]

Overview All cleats are designed to fulfill the basic function of providing increased traction on a variety of surfaces. This often lends to the belief that one pair of cleats can be used for different sports. However, cleats designed for one sport often have several differences compared with cleats designed for other sports. In this […]