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Dr. Phil is an American talk show host who brings together people in dysfunctional family relationships and makes them confront each other so that they can attempt to move their relationships through the impasse. The issues discussed on the show include rebellious teens, cheating spouses, drug use and violence, and when “talking it out” is […]

Many people live their lives in search of happiness only to end up in a constant state of disappointment.  They jump from job to job or relationship to relationship constantly thinking the next change will bring them happiness.  Others try to buy their happiness in fancy cars, new houses, clothes and shoes.  People spend so […]

Friendship is something to be cherished and well-cared-for, just like any other close relationship. There are friends that mean the world to you and then there is that one special friend, who you might like to get to know on a more personal level. It can be rather scary trying to figure out how to […]

You know it’s the end of the line for your relationship, but the thought of all the arguments that will ensue when you make the break is daunting, so you keep putting it off. The problem is, the longer the situation continues, the more difficult it will be to end it cleanly and peacefully. Here […]

Have you noticed that your relationship has changed lately? Your partner seems distant, and you notice that the two of you are spending less and less time together. You even find yourself enjoying the time you spend away from each other. You find yourself wondering if you are actually still in a relationship. So, how […]

It seems to be the biggest problem in a relationship: money. That one little five letter word can cause a harmonious home to turn into a war zone. It is very hard for couples to have healthy, happy moments with each other when there is tension due to mounting bills, cut off notices and calls […]

Love and loving, affectionate relationships are wonderful things and sunshines of some people’s lives – but there are (not even just a few) people who have not experienced what it is like to be in a romantic relationship. Some people like making theories about why they have never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend – […]

Is Generation X (anyone born between 1979 and 1997 nicknamed by experts as the “ME” generation) now raising Generation Y – the “Me, Me, Me” generation?  Do kids today have a strong false sense of entitlement? The website Out Of The Fog, a site for anyone dealing with others who have personality disorders, defines the […]

The work is almost done and escape is at hand. Dreams of sleeping late and catching up on hobbies puts a spring in the step as the days of labor wind down. With many years of work in the rear view mirror the lure of retirement is on the horizon. But how well has the […]

Most people don’t like to admit it but they do not spend enough quality time with their families. This is usually due in large part to busy work schedules. Sometimes a family ends up with everyone running in opposite directions (sports, school, work, friends, etc) and almost completely ignoring each other in the process. The […]