Marriage and Divorce

Statistics show that second marriages are even more likely to end in divorce than first marriages, although the rates of divorce still may not be as high as many people tend to think.  Keeping a second marriage alive is often more challenging than keeping a first marriage alive.  However, it depends on the marriage, and […]

Marriage is like an amusement park. Some are exciting and scary emotional roller coasters, full of turns, thrills, and dangerous spills. Some are like horror houses, a tense, sinister atmosphere, always watching behind your back and waiting for what comes next. Some are fun houses, fun, but unable to get past the tint of appearances. […]

Saturday tends to be a very popular night for dating, even among those who are already married. For most people, there is no work or school. It is usually easier to find a babysitter. It is also one of the more difficult times to go out, because everyone else is out as well. However, if […]

Can cheating save your marriage? That has to be one of the silliest questions I have ever heard. Are we seriously asking if cheating can save your marriage? When you cross the line to cheating your marriage is already over. There is no way that breaking your marriage vows and destroying the trust that you’ve […]

The phrase “The Honeymoon is over” is often heard over and over again after all the sparkle and shine of being a newlywed wears off. Coming home from the Honeymoon, newly married couples are often hit hard the with realities of new life together. From dealing with finances, living with your new spouse, even having […]

You fell in love, you married, you had children, and now you are divorcing. This is probably not how you pictured things going when you were saying “I do”, but it is where you are today. For almost every parent, there is one thing that they have been given in the marriage that is indescribably […]

Divorce is usually the last resort for people who can no longer make their marriage work in any meaningful way. The decision to divorce, much like the decision to marry, is a quality of life issue. Most people marry in western civilizations because they believe they have found someone with compatible goals and beliefs to […]

Cheating rarely starts out of the blue. These people have usually thought about cheating long before they actually decide to carry it out.   Even more disturbing is that they usually have picked the person that they want to be with.  Now it’s just a matter of when and how so let the excuses begin. Now for the person […]

FINDING A MATE The scientific community has treated the field of physiognomy, which ties facial characteristics to certain behavioural traits with scepticism despite vital findings. Kruger, explains that physiognomy is essential to understanding strategies of mating and our fascination with good looking celebrities. This might have something to do with their genes, or with ours. […]