Marriage and Divorce

Statistics show that second marriages are even more likely to end in divorce than first marriages, although the rates of divorce still may not be as high as many people tend to think.  Keeping a second marriage alive is often more challenging than keeping a first marriage alive.  However, it depends on the marriage, and […]

Marriage is like an amusement park. Some are exciting and scary emotional roller coasters, full of turns, thrills, and dangerous spills. Some are like horror houses, a tense, sinister atmosphere, always watching behind your back and waiting for what comes next. Some are fun houses, fun, but unable to get past the tint of appearances. […]

Saturday tends to be a very popular night for dating, even among those who are already married. For most people, there is no work or school. It is usually easier to find a babysitter. It is also one of the more difficult times to go out, because everyone else is out as well. However, if […]

Can cheating save your marriage? That has to be one of the silliest questions I have ever heard. Are we seriously asking if cheating can save your marriage? When you cross the line to cheating your marriage is already over. There is no way that breaking your marriage vows and destroying the trust that you’ve […]

The phrase “The Honeymoon is over” is often heard over and over again after all the sparkle and shine of being a newlywed wears off. Coming home from the Honeymoon, newly married couples are often hit hard the with realities of new life together. From dealing with finances, living with your new spouse, even having […]

You fell in love, you married, you had children, and now you are divorcing. This is probably not how you pictured things going when you were saying “I do”, but it is where you are today. For almost every parent, there is one thing that they have been given in the marriage that is indescribably […]

Divorce is usually the last resort for people who can no longer make their marriage work in any meaningful way. The decision to divorce, much like the decision to marry, is a quality of life issue. Most people marry in western civilizations because they believe they have found someone with compatible goals and beliefs to […]

Cheating rarely starts out of the blue. These people have usually thought about cheating long before they actually decide to carry it out.   Even more disturbing is that they usually have picked the person that they want to be with.  Now it’s just a matter of when and how so let the excuses begin. Now for the person […]

FINDING A MATE The scientific community has treated the field of physiognomy, which ties facial characteristics to certain behavioural traits with scepticism despite vital findings. Kruger, explains that physiognomy is essential to understanding strategies of mating and our fascination with good looking celebrities. This might have something to do with their genes, or with ours. […]

For many women being a stay at home mom is most certainly a full time job.  Is it ever really noticed how much they really do in a day?  At the same time a mother who juggles a full time job plus comes home to be the full time mother is not easy as well.  […]

Notes from the Trenches Research indicates that roughly one half of all first marriages will end in divorce.  The divorce rate for couples is second marriages is higher and tends to occur sooner with those in third marriages experiencing even higher and quicker divorces as compared to couples in first and second marriages. The divorce […]

There is but one definition of marriage. It may not be the one you believe, but it is truth, none the less. The arguments surrounding the myriad of the issues of marriage have largely become secular, or, apart from the original, biblical intention our Creator designed with intense purpose. “So God created man in his […]

When you were dating you couldn’t wait to see him again. Every ringing phone was jumped on because it just might be him. If you were young enough to have a curfew you missed it often just to have a few more minutes with him. There were days that you wished you never had to […]

For those who’ve grown so accustomed to sharing their lives and space with a spouse, a divorce can be the most feared of all of life’s events. Traumatic, devastating and overwhelming; divorce is a nasty beast. Ask any recently divorced man or woman the worst part and odds are, you’ll receive a response that includes […]

Should I take him back? Q. My husband and I had a very serious problem and it almost ruin our family. He cheated on me many times and this time I gave up. I returned everything including our wedding ring. I packed his clothes and all his belongings and for the first time I said […]

Should Parents With Irreconcilable Differences Remain Together for the Sake of the Children? More than ten years ago I left the residence I shared with the mother of my children.  It was not a difficult decision then, but I often think about what might have happened if I had not left.  For ten years I […]

What happened to courting your spouse, marrying your spouse, and then having kids? Marriage is supposed to be between two people willing to share their lives with one another. What happened to the joy of waking up to someone who chose YOU as their lifelong partner? Lack of committment is what happened. Two people begin […]

Relationships are tough. There’s no way around it. To make a relationship work, you need to work at it and learn to communicate effectively. The best way to fight fairly in a relationship is to not fight at all. There’s not such thing as a “fair fight.” Unfortunately, a lot of couples don’t realize that […]

It is three o’clock in the morning and you still cannot get to sleep. This is not because you are tired but the fact that the thunderous sound of snoring from your partner is making it impossible for you to relax into slumber! Bedtime should be looked forward to as a time for rest and […]

Many may not agree with this thought, but cheating is emotionally harmful for both the person that cheats and the person that gets cheated on. We hear it all the time from people who appear on talk shows to give their side of the story about a significant other that cheats. In fact, we even […]

Having a good marriage can be difficult no matter how much love two people have. There is a lot of work required when two people from two separate backgrounds decide to build a life together. Because of the newness, at first marriage will seem easy. After reality hits, the new couple can still have a […]

One of the major causes of divorce is financial stress.  Especially with the way the economy is today, it really takes discipline to make a marriage work as there is only so much money to go around.  Partners in a financially strained marriage are being tested in the extreme, not only keeping their marriage healthy […]

The sure fire way to destroy a relationship is by cheating on your partner so if that’s what your after then cheating may be worth it to you.  That is if you are a selfish, inconsiderate, and cowardly person.  Cheating on someone causes more than just hurt feelings and a ruined relationship, it can affect […]

Exactly what is marriage? In the Unites States marriage is a legal contract between two individuals that have specific requirements, costs and legal responsibilities. Some may argue that it is a way for states and the United States government to collect fees and taxes. It certainly is a part of the equation. Legal names may […]

The ink is dry on the divorce; now what? Plenty, if you choose to be optimistic about your life. Many men and women have a terrible realization after the ink is dry. It really is over! But it’s not over for you. You have a second chance at love and life. What an exciting thing! […]

There are many key elements that can help strengthen a marriage. Of the most important ones, just might surprise you. There are vital things like trust, honesty and communication, and then there are things like date night. Date night is more important than you might think. *Fun. By having date night once in awhile, you can let […]

The “D” word is not something most married couples even think about, let alone discuss. No one wants to think that their marriage could end up in an ugly divorce. The only thing worse than going through a divorce yourself, is watching a friend go through one. When your friend tells you they are getting […]

Holidays can be stressful for anyone, and trying to figure out where your kids are supposed to be after a divorce, will only make things worse.  Most states have a basic outline for visitation.  Even years, one parent gets the kids, odd years the other does.  What this uninvolved outline does not cover is traditions […]