1. One Thing at a Time Slow things down a bit. Life is stressful by default. There’s no reason you need to add to natural stress by trying to do a million things at one time. Make a list of what needs to get done and prioritize it. Mark off tasks as you complete them […]

Overview Carbon footprints measure the amount of carbon dioxide produced by activities of daily living. These include direct activities such as burning fuel when driving a car, or using electricity when heating your home. They also include more indirect activities such as eating and sleeping. Both people and organizations have a carbon footprint. Carbon Footprints […]

After a long day of feedings and diaper changes, it’s finally time to put your new bundle of joy down for the night. But there’s just one problem: you’ve been up for almost 20 hours and she just won’t go to sleep. Getting rest with a newborn is sometimes a struggle for new parents, but […]

Water ionizers come in a wide variety of sizes and are used to purify water, eliminating the growing amount of potentially hazardous chemicals that find their way into the drinking supply. Water ionizers work by scavenging for free radicals in the water, helping to prevent damage induced by hydrogen peroxide to our RNA and DNA […]

Overview Hair breakage is usually caused by the overuse of harsh commercial styling products, according to dermatologist Dr. Amy McMichael. Limiting your use of these chemicals is one way to avoid hair breakage and the hair loss that may occur from constant hair breakage. You can use other methods to help people avoid hair breakage […]

Overview Credit reporting agencies sometimes make mistakes on consumer credit reports. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 16 percent of credit reports have errors. Some of these involve listing on-time payments as late. This can adversely affect your FICO credit score firm because your payment history accounts for 25 percent of your total score. The […]

Overview A credit report details your running history of credit usage, documenting late payments, outstanding balances and any recent credit inquiries. Some delinquencies, such as bankruptcy, may last up to 10 years, but most negative information may be removed after seven years, according to research by the Credit Info Center. By disputing errors, avoiding late […]

1. Frequent Sex Can Make You Healthier Safe sex, especially with a committed and loving partner, can bring medical health benefits. It can provide a healthy dose of exercise. The bed can actually be a good exercise machine and vigorous sexual activity can burn 200 calories. Sex can contribute to improved fitness. Studies show men […]

Overview It is easy to run up a significant amount of debt if you have easy access to credit. You may get loans and credit cards without realizing just how much you owe until you start to have problems making your minimum payments. That is a danger sign telling you it’s time to start paying […]

Overview A credit score calculates your financial and lending history. Scores are based, in part, on outstanding debt and whether you pay your bills on time. You can access free tools to determine your score, and getting your credit report will give you the information needed to estimate your score as accurately as possible. Step […]