Maintaining a relationship is often a solution best sought internally, rather than externally. Understanding yourselves is the first step to understanding your partners. In one survey, specifically directed at those women who identify as lesbian, 30% said they were “Penis Pure and Proud”- having never had sex with a man. In that same poll, another […]

Gaydar, a term used for some people’s intuitive ability to detect other people’s propensity for being attracted to the same sex, is nothing more than a best guess. The term is meant to sound mechanical, like radar. But, radar is much more fool proof. In actuality, if a person is gay and has not sworn […]

So you’ve found yourself stuck in this place and you’re not quite sure what to do about it. You’re biologically or anatomically one gender, but mentally and psychologically you feel another. How can you tell your parents or your siblings about your conflicting feelings? I myself found myself in this spot and while it’s so […]

What makes gays and lesbians a target for some people? I believe it’s just in some people’s nature to judge. It’s probably safe to say most self-appointed judges of gays and lesbians have little information about them and don’t really have a clue about how they live, their culture, or any other bits of information […]

Late last month, Guido Barilla, the head of one of the world’s top pasta manufacturing brands, got his company into trouble after he told an Italian radio company that he would never use a gay family in the company’s advertising because he doesn’t agree with their lifestyle behaviors. “I would never do (a commercial) with […]

Gay pride has its genesis in the rebellion of the Stonewall Riots of 1969. Decades later, it is still a relevant cultural celebration steeped in tradition and meaning. Gay Pride celebrations continue to grow each and every year in communities all around the world. Gay Pride is celebrated once a year and it commemorates the […]

Whilst both gay and heterosexual men share many of the same sexual issues, there are a number of issues that are either unique or more common for gay men. Different lifestyles, social pressures and cultural issues can all contribute to these problems and some are more complex to resolve than others. Incompatible partners Due to […]

People seeking “sex change operations” to relieve a condition they perceive as biologically incorrect are seeing their plight inversely. They feel that multiple procedures and operations, as well as other physical adjustments such as walking and clothing, will enable them to adopt their internal gender identity and settle a huge conflict within themselves. Unfortunately, we […]

How should Uganda deal with homosexuality? When I hosted Pastor Mark Kigozi (the then KPC Youth pastor) and Jeroline Akubu (a human rights activist) at Monitor fm to discuss “homosexuality in Uganda” on my show “the Monitor Lawyer” on Jan. 5, 2002, two clearly distinct opinions arose. Mark was adamant it was against God’s laws […]

Hormonal and surgical treatment nearly always enables people who were born female to appear convincingly male to the people around them.  The opportunity to have one’s internally felt gender identity correctly perceived by others, rather than having to perpetually explain that one is a man (which can be embarrassing, invasive, exhausting, and often inappropriate), is […]