Friends and Peers

The dictionary definition of “popular” is to be regarded with “favor, approval or affection” by others. All of these things are sought after qualities, particularly in younger people whose reliance on their peers for acceptance is at the most acute of their entire lifetime. Popularity, however, is not a goal in itself, but should be […]

“A lot of people don’t realize that depression is an illness. I don’t wish it on anyone, but if they would know how it feels, I swear they would think twice before they just shrug it.”-Jonathan Davis People who suffer from depression have the worst sickness of all-and even though it isn’t necessarily contagious, it […]

Sense and Insensitivity I have spent the past couple of weeks being very mopey and upset over the perception of a lost friendship. This person I know is going through a rough time and instead of seeking my counsel as has always been “our way,” they asked me to give them time to get through […]

It is not at all unusual to have a friend of the opposite sex. These days it is not a rarity at all. The question is what do you do if your Guy pal all of a sudden wants to get cozy under the covers? If you are strictly on a “Just Friends” Basis and […]

What is drama? Drama is the art of taking ordinary life situations and adding layers of what if, why, and what do you think? Allow an illustration for clarification. LaNae was late for work because her ex-husband pulled out in front of her and then drove at a very slow pace. By the time LaNae […]

In today’s super competitive job market, which you will spend more time with your co-workers then with your family; it is difficult to separate a colleague from a friend. Office politics can more daunting and stressful then the actual work that is being completed. Employees at a company are constantly forming new alliances and doing […]

Friends come and go over the years, so why is the friend who puts you down, makes you feel guilty about your success and brings your mood down still in your life? It could be that this friend has gradually gained some control over you and your relationship and has made you feel in some […]

For women, a lot of men they know, whether personally or professionally, seem to lack the kind of empathy for them or for other people in their lives that they and quite often other women would expect them to have. This is a story you hear over and over again, how guys don’t seem to […]

The face of loneliness does not always portray itself openly and sometimes it is easy to pass by a friend, a neighbor, or even a stranger you may meet during your day and not be aware of them to be lonely. In order to befriend someone who seems lonely you need to be able to […]