If you lived anywhere in the U.S. this past winter, you most likely felt the fury of the polar winter vortex. Freezing temps were an everyday thing in the Midwest; and snow in Atlanta was not the usual. Needless to say many are glad to say goodbye to grey skies, frivolous winds and freezing temps. […]

It is not easy having a relative who is in prison. It can be upsetting, sorrowful and a humiliating experience. Joan Koss never thought she’d be in the position of knowing what it actually felt like to have a family member behind bars. When her son was arrested and tried for murder, she was devastated. […]

Sometimes it is easiest to grab something on the way home from work for your evening meal or just get a take out meal. This may seem to be the simplest option all around. However, there are also many advantages to planning your meals in advance and these can far outweigh the convenience of rustling […]

Imagined or real slights and hurts can cause rifts in family relationships that last for many years, sometimes a lifetime. Often the damaged relationship is between parent and child. Just as frequently siblings cannot forgive each other. It is hard to know which is worse; losing someone who is genetically close, and whom you have […]

In today’s world, keeping a family together can be difficult.  Children have activities after school.  They want to spend time with their friends.  Even when the family is together, it may still be difficult to have any communication as everyone is often texting or talking on their cellphones.  However, in order to have a strong […]

Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Senior Retirement are places where seniors stay and enjoy healthy and happy lifestyles. The senior living choices have become a very wide in the past few years. It is difficult but not impossible to find good assisted living homes that will be safe, comfortable and that will meet the requirements […]

When the decision has to be made to have Parents put into care it can be a very painful time for the family unit. It can cause feelings of pain, upset and guilt amongst family members. As children it is natural that there will be sibling rivalry and that their Parents have favourites amongst their […]

Dealing with a bully can be quite a challenge for you depending on the kind of bully that you are faced with. However when it comes to dealing with a bully in the family, there are several ways to go around this issue that are mentioned below. Know the type of bully that you are […]

Having a room of their own where they can go to be alone with their thoughts, keep their favorite things intact and enjoy privacy is important to most children. If the family is large and it is not possible to have an entire room dedicated to one child, thought might be given to some type […]

The disease itself is described as “a common form of dementia of unknown cause…characterized by memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, and progressive loss of mental ability.” ( Those who are caring for individual’s dealing with the disease need two important things every day – patience and mental toughness. Alzheimer’s disease has the ability to turn […]

Creating a family tree has become an addictive hobby for millions around the world. It continues to grow every year as people ask, “Who were my ancestors and where did they come from?” Wading into the genealogy pool can be overwhelming at first, but once the basics are learned, it becomes easier. The first step […]

Developing a Life Plan for the Family Families are a remarkable unit. Consider the mix of personalities and talents in any one family and the unique styles of living together each develops under one roof. From the moment a child goes on a “play date” to a friend’s house, he or she begins to realize […]

The blended family holiday or celebration can be a fiery gathering. There are many feelings and traditions to consider. The most successful way to get through these events is to remember that the ultimate goal for everyone involved is to maintain peace while celebrating. PLANNING AND COMMUNICATION Before you talk to anyone else about your […]

I am the mother of two fantastic boys who I have given my heart life and soul to. I have created a strong loving bond from the womb and I have always been there for them. Times have nor always been easy for me being a single parent and raising two kids on my own, […]

It is imperative that you accept your embarrassing relative for who they are. You will soon be enjoying their visits to your family gatherings. Love them for their idiosyncrasies, not in spite of them. There are several fun ways to survive a visit from the loose walnut in your family tree. Please be cautious as […]

RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility: Who is responsible for what is going on in your life, for the good and the bad of it? When it comes down to the bottom line, who or what is responsible? It seems to me as I look around me, at the messed up world we live in today with all our […]

My initial, and most honest, answer to this question is daughters. Females have often been considered the more level-headed of the sexes. Even auto insurance companies are known for increasing the rates for their male customers in certain age brackets. Lets be honest. When most of us think of young men with money, we think […]

Everyone has them, family traditions that not only stand the test of time, but also leave people with that warm feeling that just can’t be beat. They’re those experiences that everyone gains while growing from a young child into a productive member of society. Often times they don’t just die out when people become adults, […]

One of our roles as parents is to teach our children how to take care of their self. However, our children don’t always understand our lessons are for their benefit. As a single mom, this was challenging at times especially during the pre-teen years. My ten year old son’s only responsibility was school, homework, chores […]

There are basically four types of options for elderly people who must consider assisted-living facilities among other residency options. First of all, the typical senior is one who sells the empty nest family home to find smaller, easier to care-for living quarters. The elderly person who sells a home and voluntarily moves to a facility […]

Having a weekend getaway in your own home is similar to a stay-cation which became a popular alternative to expensive vacations. Is it possible for you to turn your home into a weekend getaway? Yes, it may be possible, but will you get the feeling of relaxation that is often the reason for a weekend […]

When mothers hide the fathers identity from their children chances are there is a very good reason. I happen to be one of those mothers and yes I had a good reason. I was engaged to be married when I got pregnant on purpose. We both wanted to have a baby. I wanted it more than […]

Most people really do not want to leave everything behind, but sometimes it just has to happen. You might have a stalker who will stop at nothing to get to you, your spouse might be abusive, or someone might be trying to collect on that loan that they gave you. Maybe you just cannot take […]

It can be very sad for grandparents to live long distance from their grandkids.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can keep close to the ones you love in today’s modern world.  The following are some methods you might want to try. Visit often As much as you can, visit your grandkids […]

Family traditions are rituals that remain constant in family life, repeated over and over, and often passed down from one generation to the next. Families that establish traditional practices are apt to be happier, with family members looking back on their experiences within the family unit with fond memories. Some family traditions are well-planned and […]

Have you ever been placed in an awkward situation among peers, coworkers, or family members?  You know, those situations that have absolutely nothing  to do with you, but you are a sounding board for the opposing ‘parties’ either due to being a mutual acquaintance or because you share an unbiased commonality.  That is an awful […]

The human genome holds secrets about man’s lineage, makeup or health waiting to be unraveled. It just takes the right ‘tool’ to decipher its code. After decades of exhaustive research, genetic engineering seems to have added one more piece to the puzzle of the history of human evolution by using genome sequencing to fill the […]

The day has come when your loved one can no longer take care of him/herself. Your health care provider has suggested that assisted living may be a good option. You want to find the best facility you can and are wondering what criteria you should look for.  1. Identify the levels of care offered. Typically, […]

Home healthcare, provided by Medicare or long-term care insurance, offers important benefits for elderly people.  Home healthcare can involve short-term rehabilitation following hospitalization or surgery, or long-term maintenance in the home environment.  An elderly person receiving home healthcare can utilize the services of a nurse, physical, occupational or speech therapist, social worker, home health aide […]