If you lived anywhere in the U.S. this past winter, you most likely felt the fury of the polar winter vortex. Freezing temps were an everyday thing in the Midwest; and snow in Atlanta was not the usual. Needless to say many are glad to say goodbye to grey skies, frivolous winds and freezing temps. […]

It is not easy having a relative who is in prison. It can be upsetting, sorrowful and a humiliating experience. Joan Koss never thought she’d be in the position of knowing what it actually felt like to have a family member behind bars. When her son was arrested and tried for murder, she was devastated. […]

Sometimes it is easiest to grab something on the way home from work for your evening meal or just get a take out meal. This may seem to be the simplest option all around. However, there are also many advantages to planning your meals in advance and these can far outweigh the convenience of rustling […]

Imagined or real slights and hurts can cause rifts in family relationships that last for many years, sometimes a lifetime. Often the damaged relationship is between parent and child. Just as frequently siblings cannot forgive each other. It is hard to know which is worse; losing someone who is genetically close, and whom you have […]

In today’s world, keeping a family together can be difficult.  Children have activities after school.  They want to spend time with their friends.  Even when the family is together, it may still be difficult to have any communication as everyone is often texting or talking on their cellphones.  However, in order to have a strong […]

Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Senior Retirement are places where seniors stay and enjoy healthy and happy lifestyles. The senior living choices have become a very wide in the past few years. It is difficult but not impossible to find good assisted living homes that will be safe, comfortable and that will meet the requirements […]

When the decision has to be made to have Parents put into care it can be a very painful time for the family unit. It can cause feelings of pain, upset and guilt amongst family members. As children it is natural that there will be sibling rivalry and that their Parents have favourites amongst their […]

Dealing with a bully can be quite a challenge for you depending on the kind of bully that you are faced with. However when it comes to dealing with a bully in the family, there are several ways to go around this issue that are mentioned below. Know the type of bully that you are […]

Having a room of their own where they can go to be alone with their thoughts, keep their favorite things intact and enjoy privacy is important to most children. If the family is large and it is not possible to have an entire room dedicated to one child, thought might be given to some type […]

The disease itself is described as “a common form of dementia of unknown cause…characterized by memory lapses, confusion, emotional instability, and progressive loss of mental ability.” ( Those who are caring for individual’s dealing with the disease need two important things every day – patience and mental toughness. Alzheimer’s disease has the ability to turn […]