Many women have admitted that they would prefer their man to have a one night stand with a woman, than actually have feelings for her. This is understandable for many reasons: firstly, if a man has sex with another woman, he will often come back to his partner and beg for forgiveness and, although the […]

Contrary to popular belief, most men are more anxious about their overall physique than they are about the size or condition of their private parts, when first revealing their whole naked selves to a woman for the first, or second or third time, etc. This is because men know before revealing themselves pretty much exactly […]

It’s a fact: more women aged 50+ are dating again than ever before, and many are doing it online and through social networking sites. 62% of UK singles over 55 have reportedly used these, with an estimated 24 million first dates begun through them. Social changes – rising divorce rates, the fact that we seem to be living […]

College is about spreading your wings, learning who you are, and possibly finding someone to date for the long haul. No one expects to meet a psycho who makes them fear for their lives. However, you can read the news and see it happens more often than not. There are a handful of things you […]

The root cause of any relationship getting shot to hell is a dire lack of communication and understanding. The mobile spy can help couples get in touch with their significant other and mend any damage before it becomes permanent. Breaking a relationship with someone is the hardest thing to swallow, especially when it happens because […]

For young men, one of the most annoying, troublesome dilemmas when in love is figuring out if the girl likes you back. A thousand different signs can paint some very conflicting stories, and your opinion of her level of interest may fluctuate from moment to moment. Hormones make it difficult to tell. There are, if […]

There is a long list of elements that are important in a relationship. Generally having someone to share your life with, share experiences, basically having someone there to be a witness to a shared life, are just some of them. These desires, of course, in the true sense cannot be met when you are in […]