It isn’t always easy to treat other people as you would like to be treated, especially people who cause you problems. Treating others with respect who have been vindictive to you, or always seem to throw hurdles in your path, takes great patience. Unfortunately, there are some folks like that. You see, they don’t know the […]

Lessons to Share with Your Kids In 2009 As we approach the New Year, many parents tend to reflect on the past year, and make plans for the coming months. Current conditions in the economy leave parents with many apprehensions, and if not careful, these concerns can have adverse affects on the children. Consider some […]

Our self-confidence level can rise to heralding heights with genuine praise. It encourages us all to improve and take interest in our appearances, feel positive about ourselves, and we feel more self-assured. Someone complimenting or praising us lifts our spirits, increases our motivation, and builds our inner strength. We all strive to be good, caring, and […]

How do you genuinely connect with coworkers? The key is not small talk. The idea is simple to understand intellectually (another example of why the intellect is limited) but so simple practically. Why write on the topic? For the past several months, I have observed behavior and communication styles of people. Conclusion: If we removed […]

The differences between verbal and non-verbal communication is minimal. Verbal and non-verbal communication share something extraordinarily in common. Both reveal emotion. Verbal communication can be conveyed in a somber, happy, unhappy, angry, informative or loving mood or attitude, through words. Non-verbal communication can express the same sentiments through gestures, facial expression and physical actions.  A picture is said to be […]

What to say, what not to say is the dilemma we may find our selves in but shouldn’t words flow easily without thought hmm.   The words we speak have so much power, for people typically believe and take in actually what we say.  Communication is key in life and often we can be misunderstood by […]

Why do people still smoke? As part of a sociology class project some years back, one student researcher contacted five people who currently smoke cigarettes. The people included (1) a female executive secretary for a senior official at an educational institution, (2) a young male college teacher, (3) & (4) two college students (one male […]

If you want to complain effectively, you must first realize that as a consumer, you have rights. When you buy a product or receive a service that does not meet your expectations, you owe it to yourself, as well as the company that you are dealing with, to bring it to their attention. In my […]

Sometimes when a person disrespects you it is because you haven’t eared their respect yet. This happens in the work place as well as everywhere else. In the work place you couldn’t cut off contact with this person even if you wanted to. You just have to keep trying your best to get through to […]