It happens to everybody at one time or another, their shoes begin to grow microorganisms in them, causing the most horrible smell anyone could ever imagine. Every step you take emits that awful odor, and even when you take your shoes off, they have a way of stinking up the entire room you left them […]

Everything that glitters, sparkles and shines are a large part of the key trends in ladies fashion this 2012 fall and winter season.  Whether this look is used to accentuate a high-glam style or for trendy fun, there’s a little something special for every taste.  When it comes to expressing oneself through the use of […]

In general, there are very few people who pay much attention to their neck.  Even while choosing clothes and accessories, it’s the neck area that very often receives the least amount of consideration. This statement is particularly true when it comes to choosing the most flattering and appropriate styles to complement the specific type of […]

With the increasing use and popularity of gastric bypass operations and other types of weight-losing mechanisms, obese men and women are losing vast amounts of weight very quickly.As a result, they may have a closet full of clothes they need to sell to be able to make room for and buy new clothes that fit […]

As women age, they sometimes sacrifice style and beauty for comfort. This happens as women begin to move away from the days of youth, freedom, and being fashionable and daring to the days of marriage, bills, kids, and time constraints. Unfortunately, when you sacrifice style, you also sacrifice self esteem. Some of the fun of being a […]

The fashion industry is a fluid entity. It is in perpetual motion as trends come and go with each season of each year. This is especially true with tween girls. Tween fashion often mimics adult fashion, but there are also differences. This difference is based on need, culture, and of course, age. Even with the […]

The answer is no because no one should be able to tell someone else what to wear. In the case of at school well-if a boy or girl is dressed inappropriately at school it would show disrespect to the school. We do not go to work scantily dressed. Schools do already have their rules as […]

True beauty never goes out of fashion! From the catwalk to the corner office today’s modern woman wants to be the center of attention with the latest beauty trends of the season. You can look like a supermodel and still meet your budget. These beauty trends are affordable for the masses. The 2009 Spring/Summer runways […]

I love the sight of a man in a tuxedo. He’s the height of fashion, dressed to the Ts in a black formal tuxedo and looking so suave and well…downright charming. I must confess I never wondered where the design originated, I was just thankful that someone dressed our men so we wouldn’t have to […]

That cute little bump of a belly is starting to become a bit more than a bump. Reaching for your favorite jeans leads to a little hesitancy. “Are these going to fit?” Looks like its time to hit the maternity store, Mommy. Baby is making its presence very well known. Most stores are staffed by […]

The vest is back. And it’s updated. No longer the 1980s standard that was all the rave, the new vest comes in a myriad of forms, whether a cozy-synthetic style ski-vest or the more tailored men’s style vest adapted for women. Choosing a great vest for this winter can be fun and affordable. Just check […]

Manly Men Should Wear Skirts Men and women alike fall along a continuum of what is commonly labeled as masculine and feminine. Women embrace the various facets of their own personalities. Women can be tomboys or girlie-girls and still be considered women. Yet men are expected to stay within the narrow confines of “manliness”. Many […]

The available choices for women’s tops are endless. Their styles vary from season to season, reincarnating themselves into newly evolved creations that only the brave dare to wear. But there are some style staples that stay true to their essence, making them reliable pieces that stand the test of time. Broad shoulders. Boy-shaped and apple-shaped […]

Fashion is known to be a very subjective topic. Top stylists often disagree on several points. So it can be difficult to work out what constitutes a stylish appearance. This article looks at five style rules that benefit just about everyone on an everyday basis. 1. Wear clothes that fit well No matter what your […]

Black boots are generally considered a wardrobe staple in every woman’s closet. They are versatile, classic and fun. With so many styles to choose from, and the option of dressing them up or dressing them down, the black boot is the perfect piece of footwear. Black high-heel boots of many styles are ideal for a […]

It is no secret that women love fashion and to stay up to date with the latest fashions, you certainly will spend a lot of money. Fortunately, there are numerous shops online where you can find cheap dresses for almost any occasion that will not cost you a fortune. Moreover, you are likely to enjoy […]

Perfect Bride/Perfect Veil With all of the choices that a bride has when considering veils, it may seem daunting as to where to begin. It is important for her to consider not only the style and color of her gown, but also the ceremony venue and whether she wants to continue to wear her veil […]

A black tank top is a basic item that many have in their wardrobe, but what can you do if you want to dress it up?  There are a lot of ways you can do this, including the following. Add a brooch You can dress up a black tank top by adding a fancy brooch.  […]

Most women love clothing. It starts when we are young and we play dress-up with our mother or sister or some other adult’s clothing. We shop for clothes when we are sad, happy, angry, bored, etc. Any excuse will do! There are basic, common-sense rules that apply to fashion that most normal women follow. About […]

When you organize your closet, you want to start from the left and work your way to the right. There is no right way or wrong way when organizing your closet; but there are tips to help organize your closet in a more functional and visually pleasing way. For the sake of organization, all of […]

Looking forward to a mid 80’s look? Then you have to learn how to acid wash jeans! Whether you want to attend an 80’s theme party, or you just love the era of acid wash clothes, these simple tips will teach you how to acid wash jeans at home, without hassle or headaches. In order […]

We all want the latest in fashion and to wear the top designers but most of us cannot afford the price tag that comes with these clothes. All is not lost though, with so many stores offering designer clothing at very discounted prices, filling your wardrobe with the newest fashions this winter is easier and […]

There are many places that offer handmade clothing for children.  These places differ in the type of clothes that they sell, the prices that they charge for their clothing and the areas of the country that they are in.  The following are some of the best places to buy handmade clothing for children. Craft fair […]

Buying regular clothes for a modern day plus sized woman can be difficult but when we get into lingerie we enter an even more difficult arena. Looking back to the days of Marilyn Monroe, who looked fabulous and was adored my men everywhere, what is now considered a plus size model, was posing for calendars […]

Wearing stripes is not only fashionable, if done correctly it can really make a world of difference in how your body looks to others. The key to stripes working however is you have to wear patterns that flatter your particular body type. Knowing what to wear with a striped dress is also something that can […]

Winter holiday parties are different from region to region. The location is key to selecting appropriate clothing. In the far Northern tier of the United States, those places where the Canadian border may be within two hour’s drive time, holiday events have far different standards than in the more temperate climates. During the 2008-09 November-December […]

Geek Fashion Tips for Winter Jonny Depp is endlessly credited as being the sexiest man alive, most stylish guy on the planet, but he’s a bit of a geek. Some of Britain’s hottest female celebrities follow in his geeky footsteps too, like Lilly Allen, Alexa Chung and Fern Cotton. The Geeky look is very chic […]

Christmas Parties- What To Wear The invites to those Christmas parties are coming through already, and the first thing to run through your mind? What on earth am I going to wear this year? To be on-trend and stylishly sexy all in one go, here are a few suggestions. The first, and probably most obvious […]