Can a Marriage Survive Lying

Can a marriage survive lying?

*I believe it can survive:

When two people are truly in love, it’s my belief, they can survive if one or the other is caught in a lie. Yes, it will cause a spouse to have doubts when their spouse tells them something, and most times, the wife/husband will wait to see if they find out something different other than what their mate has told them. If there’s one thing I dislike in any relationship, it’s lying, but we do have to forgive because most of us have lied before in our lives too. When lying becomes a natural part of a marriage, it’s time for a couple to sit down and discuss this problem, because when a person constantly lies to you, you’ll get to the point where you will not believe a thing they’ll tell you. This can be total disaster in a marriage and it can ruin a marriage and cause a divorce in a heartbeat.

*Children pick up parents bad habits:

I’ve seen children who have picked up their parents lying ways and this is terrible for a child to do in their young life. They’ll more than likely live with lying for the rest of their life. You know if a child is capable of picking up on a parents lies, their lies are noticeable not only to family members but friends and others a like.


A married couple should be honest and truthful with each other because there’s nothing worse than to have a mate disbelieve what you tell them. It becomes a game of cat and mouse to see which lie they can catch their mate in next. Lying can cause a spouse to wonder if their mate is doing other things underneath the table in a dishonest way to deceive her/him. It’s my belief, if you cannot believe someone, can you trust them?

A marriage should be built on love, truth, honesty, faithfulness, respect, reliability, etc., and truly knowing the person who you have married. If a mate has deceived his spouse, after marriage, she’ll find out the truth about them, and it’s my belief, they should know immediately the marriage could be in serious trouble. A liar can cause serious problems for innocent people and a liar rarely ever tells the truth. It’s best to know if your mate is a liar before you marry them, because if it starts after the marriage, they’ll be many problems to follow.