Break up Bad Relationships

The first bad break up I ever went through was last year. I met this guy by chance; I told him Cupid stuck him with one of his arrows, because three days after he met me he was saying “I love you.” I couldn’t believe when he said those words, I laugh because I didn’t want to believe that men were so easy. Well in all we had three terrific weeks together getting to know each other. Then out of the bloom something happen that changed our relationship forever. Here was the man I thought I was going to married, ’cause things were leading that way.

I spent weeks crying till reality hit me to get off my butt and stop crying. I started to rebuild my confidence level doing the following things.

1. Have faith in God. Nothing happens without a reason. Everything has its time, its plan and its purpose. If you are not meant to be with someone it makes no sense crying over the fact that you lost them. When God doesn’t destine two people to be, they will never be. Not in a million years. So come to terms with this reality accept it as the truth and move on.

2. Music. Music is a great way to heal the soul. Drown yourself in some very soulful music, like Whitney Huston or Toni Braxton. They are two of my favorite singers. You can hear the truth in their words when they sing it. From Whitney Huston they are two songs which I recommend personally that work brilliantly are Why Does It Hurt So Bad and Waiting to Exhale {Shoop Shoop}. These two songs are extremely soulful and it shows you that you are not alone on this journey. From Toni Braxton I recommend Let it Flow, because at the end of the day you got to let go of all the bad stuff to make room for the good stuff in your life.

3. Physical Well-being. As a young woman, I believe in keeping fit. I believe in yoga and the benefits that it brings to life and I believe in the benefits that normal exercise brings to life. I literally drown myself in yoga and normal exercise. Now for those who know something about yoga there are two forms the mental form and the physical form. You need both forms in order to practice yoga. So in using both forms, I was forced to look inside of me. I realize that the break wasn’t really my fault, he just was not meant for me so I started to see the relationship as a learning experience and by viewing it as a learning experience I got rid of all the anger and resentment that I felt towards him and the thing that destroy our relation.

4. The last thing one should do to build confidence in ourselves, is by saying even though that this relationship was not meant for me, out there somewhere there is a relationship meant for me. Keeping faith in God and in your own personal destiny, knowing that nothing can destroy was God himself has destined for you to have and be happy with the person you are on the inside.

5. And the very final thing you should do for yourself is wish the other person happiness. Don’t hold a grudge; don’t be envious or even jealous. Let go of all that emotions and say to yourself that you wish him or her the best in their endeavors and their life. This belief will work wonders in anyone’s soul because it shows that we are totally healing.

That all folks she wrote no more