Best Swimwear Brands

The best swimwear brands are dependent on your personal needs; however, there are several brands that are well known for their fabulous ranges. Some of the best include Seafolly, Victoria’s Secret, Speedo and Miraclesuit. Read on to see what each of these brands offers you for your money.


Seafolly is an Australian swimwear brand that has taken the world by storm. The brand was established more than three decades ago and is now available in many department stores and boutiques all around the globe. One of the best things about this brand is that you can buy top and bottom sizes separately, allowing you to get the right fit at both your chest and hips. Each season the styles take inspiration from the fashion world. This is then combined with clever touches to create a great range. For example, each season they typically offer convertible bikini tops that can be worn in a classic over the shoulder style like a bra, or tied at the neck. Seafolly prices are not cheap, but their swimwear does tend to represent value for money when it comes to the quality and features.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has a large range of mix and match swimwear that can be purchased in your desired size for both the top and bottom. They offer several innovations that help women look their best. For example, their Miraculous swim tops can add up to two full cup sizes to your chest. They offer bottoms in every imaginable cut, from low rise to high rise, string tie to wide side, and cheeky Brazilian cuts through to modest skirted styles. Each mix and match piece is typically offered in a wide range of colors, so many women will find their perfect combination of cut and color at Victoria’s Secret. When they have their clearance sales, you can get your hands on swimwear at amazing prices.


Speedo is another Australian swimwear brand, worn by elite level athletes like Grant Hackett and Inge de Bruijn. They offer swimwear designed for just about any purpose, whether it be for serious swim training or just an average day at the beach. The Speedo Company is more than 80 years old, and during this time they have invested a good deal of effort into creating swimwear that does more than just look good. Their Flipturns range, for example, is created from endurance fabric that should last five times longer than regular nylon.

Miraclesuit Swimwear

Miraclesuit specializes in swimwear to help you look instantly slimmer. Their swimwear is constructed from a fabric called Miratex that provides triple the hold of regular Lycra swimwear. Like other shape wear garments, this helps to pull you in and reduce your measurements. Miraclesuit was shown on Oprah as one of her favorite things for 2010.  They offer a variety of different print and plain styles and the range has recently expanded to include a designer collection. This collection was produced in collaboration with Randall Christensen, the Emmy-winning costume designer from “Dancing With the Stars.” It includes swimwear with couture touches like crystal embellishment. Miraclesuit also offers matching cover-ups to complete your swimwear look.