Best Sweater Styles

Nothing beats a good sweater in your closet. They are much needed for the fall, winter and the early spring hours. Who can’t have enough sweaters? Especially stylish ones! There’s a sweater style for everyone and it all matters on what your personal style is and how you’d want to wear a sweater. Here are some essential sweater styles fit for anyone’s closet!

Tunic sweaters –

A fabulous tunic sweater will keep people guessing! A long length looks gorgeous against tights or leggings and even slim fit jeans. Match it with a pair of comfortable boots and there you go, a perfect off beat outfit! You can get a tunic sweater in a simple plain color style or even a fluffy cowl neck variation! There are also tunic sweaters with bohemian designs which look great for spring months. Every closet needs one of these sweaters!

A simple cardigan –

Cardigans go well over small fit t shirts and tank tops. Getting the right kind is the tricky part. They should be short and in a 1950’s style if you’re going to wear one with a pencil skirt, that would be a great spring and fall look especially with pastel or gold colors. A long button up cardigan looks great with your favorite pair of jeans and gives the off set of an elegant but relaxed look. Cardigans can mix and match with a number of styles and they have the power to make you look even thinner! Top a cardigan with almost anything and you’ll be rewarding yourself to a stylish but comfortable new look.

Soft thin sweaters –

There is such a thing, although they are more like shirts, but these are great for early and late summer. The provide full coverage and look light and flowy, they give a great illusion of femininely characteristics and style. They look great with tights and long boots, creating yet another relaxed look. These kinds of sweaters are hard to come by but when you find one in a soft muted color its your chance to get it!

Sweaters are always essential for anyone’s closet and having a closet without one is almost a no can do! There are so many options at hand with sweaters, you don’t know until you try one on and you’re in a whole new world of fashion and style! Just make sure to keep your light clothing still available for those hot days!