Best Summer Hats for Men

The most stylish men always have a hat or two in readiness for summer. Used to either complement their outfit or as a method of keeping fresh and cool, a hat can give a man an air of sophistication in the summer heat. There are certain styles which just never date and are as timeless now as when Rhett Butler sported them in ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Hats these days are likely to incorporate sun protection factors to prevent burning in the sun. They can act as mosquito deterrents, include cooling fans, and are always handy for covering up a bad hair day or a bald patch you don’t like to be reminded about. They can lend a rakish air to a gentleman, and even come in portable styles which are crush resistant when travelling. How could any man survive the summer without appropriate head gear which adds so much more charm than the ubiquitous base ball caps? Here is a taste of some of the jaunty hats on offer this summer:

The packable anama hat

This hat follows the design of the original Panama hat and is made in Ecuador from the bleached leaves of the Toquilla plant. It has 50+ UV sun protection and is designed to keep the head cool. Best of all it springs back into shape if you accidentally sit on it or if it gets squashed at all so that it always retains its unique shape.

The solar panelled fan hat

This is an ideal hat for anyone likely to be walking in the sun, as it contains a nifty solar panel in the top which runs a mini fan positioned over the forehead. This unique feature allows you to be cooled down directly as you walk, without the worry of running out of batteries.

A rain hat

No one can afford to be without a rolled up rain hat on their person for those moments of inclement weather and summer showers. A handy rain hat will protect your hair from getting wet, ideal for after any trips to the barbers shop.

The evaporated cooling brimmed hat

This is another unique hat style which has built in factor 50 sun protection. This hat is guaranteed to keep you cool as you run it under water before placing it on the head. As the water evaporates in the heat it has a cooling effect on the head and thus helps to prevent sunstroke.

A Greek fisherman’s cap

A timeless classic for anyone taking to the water this summer, but now you can choose a lightweight summer design in cotton, rather than wearing the traditional black leather. This hat will add a touch of foreign mystery, unless you already are a Greek fisherman.

A straw boater

A straw boater gives anyone a jaunty and cool air and they are available in a choice of styles. You can indulge in an original classic straw boater from Italy, cream with accents of red and black. If you like to make a statement there is a men’s Milan deep rose colored fedora straw hat to intrigue, or a rakish gangster gambler style in hot white.

As you can see there is an array of summer hats to suit every style, whilst keeping men cool in the summer heat. Add one to your wardrobe today and look the epitome of style.