Best Hiking Boots for Men

Not every hiking boot is created equal. In fact, choosing a hiking boot can differ depending upon the use by the hiker. One of the top hiking boot makers, REI, states that a proper hiking boot should “Match your hiking ambitions” and “Comfortably fit your feet.” Since hiking boots can cost in the hundreds of dollars, it’s important to review the best hiking boots for men before making a final decision.

L.L. Bean Trail Model Hikers II, Mid-Cut

The Trail Model Hikers, Mid-Cut, from L.L. Bean receive top reviews from testers and avid hikers. This boot has the feel of supportive sneakers – lightweight yet durable. Although they provide optimal support, these boots do have a disadvantage as they are not waterproof. For dry conditions, this version is a top choice. The average cost for the Trail Model Hikers II, Mid-Cut is $70 and can be purchased on the L.L. Bean website with free shipping.

L.L. Bean Waterproof Trail Model Hikers, Mid-Cut

Unlike the Trail Model Hikers II previously mentioned, this style is waterproof which is important for hiking in wet, damp, and/or snowy conditions. The Mid-cut Trail Model Hikers featured by L.L. Bean provide the comfort of supportive sneakers yet offer the support of hiking boots needed for the trail. Backpacker magazine named the Waterproof Trail Model Hikers II, Mid-Cut a “Best Value” in their 2010 Gear Guide. Average cost for this style is $90.

Montrail Sabino Trail Mid GTX Boots

Receiving high marks from Dan Larson in Backpacker magazine, the Montrail Sabino Trail Mid GTX Boots provide optimal support and protection from just about anything the trail may throw your way. This hiking boot is waterproof and lightweight and features mesh panels that enhance the boot’s breathability. Larson described the Montrail Sabino boots as “all but amphibious, with ankle-height waterproof protection from mud and wet terrain.” This stylish men’s hiking boots average $140.

Zamberlan 760 Steep GT

If price isn’t a top priority, then the Zamberlan 760 Steep GT could be the best option for the supreme hiking experience. A 2010 Editors’ Choice in Backpacker magazine, the Zamberlan hiking boots provide extreme protection from harsh elements. At an average cost of $270, these boots are the top of the line for avid hikers and outdoorsman. Features of the Zamberlan 760 Steep GT include Italian craftsmanship, excellent tractions, waterproof protection, and durability.


Handcrafted in Germany, the Terek GTX hiking boots from LOWA are a popular choice for the lightweight backpacker that hikes for long distances. The ankle cut is somewhat higher than seen on previous described hiking boots which is preferred by many hikers. These Terek GTX boots are durable, breathable, and waterproof. This is another hiking boot featured in Backpacker magazine with positive feedback by reviewers. These boots feature waterproof GORE-TEX lining, natural ankle flex, and a climate control system. The LOWA Terek GTX hiking boots have a suggested retail price of $295.